Forums - General Discussion - Timcast: Youtube Gets Woke Goes Broke Loses 70 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

What do you think?

They deserved it 28 60.87%
It's about time 3 6.52%
I blame T-Series 5 10.87%
Google Stadia is doomed 8 17.39%
I don't care I still use old TV 2 4.35%

hmm now that i think about it how did solo do or Battlefield 5?. so out off all the things that tried to be more diverse so far we only have alphabet google?, #when it comes to gaming and tv shows we have Star Wars, Walking dead, BF5 etc. to me it seems like many more are losing then they a winning.

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I never realized how many stock experts were on VGC.

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MrWayne said:

Tim Pool is one of the most reaching, sensationalist, bad faith actors on the internet. I can not recommend any of his work, unless you want a good laugh.

Well said I totally agree.

Azuren said:
I never realized how many stock experts were on VGC.

Recently loses the biggest Podcaster to Spotify. Joe get's $100 million + and Spotify adds $2 billion to it's market value.

Get it together YouTube.