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Forums - General Discussion - GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever. D&D can burn in the seven hells.



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Always found it very akward to watch those nude scenes because i watch this show with my family and this first episode nude scene had me wishing i could skip it . :p

Edit: Would also want to say that Gwendoline Christie(Brienne) is such an amazing actress and she has such an awesome personality.

Totally crushing on her :p

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Episode 2 was really good and emotional. The battle is right around the corner and you can feel a sense of dread from the characters. This was the last episode all these characters will be alive together.

I didn't want to see Arya that way. :(

Do you know why they call me giantsbane?

Best scene i Saw on TV or movies on ages. It was Magic the way they made it . I Almost posses myself. Third episode Will BE bonkers but i AM betting they have a LOT of cardápio in the sleeve and the last three episodes Will BE fucking insane.


Very shitty episode. Bad fanfic.

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Cool episode.

A think a lot of the "dark Dany" or "mad queen" theorists out there need to remember her birthright is going to be challenged much earlier in the books by the fake Aegon, and yet she'll fall in love with Jon after that (as per her visions in the house of the undying). So no, this character arc isn't going anywhere near making her a villain, specially given Cersei is still a thing.

I wonder how they'll handle the dragon? If the Night King is partly a stand-in for book Euron, we can assume it will be as hard as killing a normal dragon (so, no dragonglass / fire magic bullet), since in the books one can assume he'll take one of the living dragons using the Dragonbinder instead of that Viseryon plot.






Loved the episode, can’t wait for the third one.

Well they will all die

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That went pretty much how I expected it to go. Very predictable but very well made.

John2290 said:
God damn it, 3.30am and sky still havn't updated their onlone sevice, going to wait another ten minutes and of it's not on it I'll watch tomorrow evening. The one night I wait up for it, I don't even know why I'm paying for this, oh yeah, it's cause the bat rastards have an exclusivity deal for the UK, Ireland and likely most of Europe.

I watched the Sky live airing at i think 2am your time.

Episode will probably up in 30min.