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NightlyPoe said:
Typical GoT big action set piece. Except this time it was in the dark (and obscured by clouds) and even less coherent!

GoT had two excellent large action scenes. Blackwater, which actually did have a completely followable narrative structure (probably because Martin himself wrote it) and was kind enough to light the actors. And Hardhome, which was particularly effective because it hit out of nowhere, it existed to show how unstoppable the dead were, and had an awesome finish to it with the raising of the dead.

The rest of them were confused messes.

Wait you think Blackwater the worst large battle in the tv series is better than the battle on the wall, battle of the bastards, the spoils of war and the battle of winterfell. I guess everyone's entitled to an opinion but damn yours is not a popular one. Not sure how you could have trouble following any of these battles.