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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What router are you using for your PS4 Pro?

Netgear R6700, probably not the best router but it gets the job done in an about 2000 sq ft home.

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FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable, pretty overpowered for my usage, but that's also because I am tied to use cable routers. PS4 Pro is connected by Ethernet cable, of course.

Home Size: 3,500 sqft - 2 story
Location of Router: Game Room - center of the whole home in the 2nd floor
Internet Type: Fiber with no data cap

Devices used...

75'' 4k TV (Sony Bravia) in Media room - wireless
55'' 4k TV (Sony Bravia) in Guest Room - wireless
Gaming Desktop PC in "Game Room" - wired
Testing Desktop PC in "Game Room" - wired
Gaming Laptop in Media Room - wireless
PS4 in Media room - Wireless
PS3 in Media room - Wireless
WiiU in Media room -Wireless
Extra Laptop #1 in spare bedroom - Wireless
Extra Laptop #2 in Spare bedroom - Wireless
Test Laptop in Media room - Wireless
iPhone #1
iPhone #2
Android Phone #1
Android Phone #2

Pictures and details of my router....

Original Price: $300
Bought it for: $250 during a sale at Best Buy


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We have an AC1900 at the house. Good speeds most of the time with simple setup through the app (including to a repeater), but it seems to struggle and need reboots when lots of devices are connected, even though there should be plenty of bandwidth to go around. Should be fine for small households, but I'll be looking for something else at my next large household.

I don’t have a PS4 but my general rule for my home network is that as much as possible should go trough wires. WiFi is only used for stuff with no RJ42 port or if placement of an appliance means it’s hard to run a cable to it.

WiFi still sucks for serious work.

With that said I still have made a solid WiFi network in my house with my main router that is an old D-Link DIR-868l running DD-WRT and access point (connected trough a wire) to get full coverage of my house, portch and most of my plot. I run both a 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz network.

For my wired I have a totalt of 3 switches littered trough out the house :P