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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else find "bad frame pacing" totally unnoticeable?

Persons are differently affected by this. I personally am not so sensitive to stuff like that, but I am also not very precise in timing and stuff and prefer usually slower games, so it matches. People that are used to making split-second decisions in games notice it, if these are not working correctly or the image stutters.

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Based on my experience in Bloodborne I can notice it when I focus on it, but when I'm immersed in the game it's not really an issue to me.

Pemalite said:
Depends. I have seen some extremely bad frame pacing (Halo: Reach at one point on the Xbox One via backwards compatible) which made the game feel sluggish and unresponsive.

And then you had terrible frame pacing on AMD GPU's a few years back on PC, which meant there was a ton of stuttering in games which stuck out like a sore thumb, compounded when running multiple GPU's.

How much this impacts an individual will of course be up to the individual themselves, some people will notice it allot more than others.
Heck, I know people who are okay gaming at 20fps... And I can't stand anything less than 60fps.

You and me both.  It's also a waste of my hardware to not go beyond 60fps, when my monitor can go up to 165 fps.

I don't really notice frame-rate problems unless it get really bad.

Mar1217 said:

They sadly got the power to make people perceive games differently because of this which is why I've been away from that stuff most of the time.

I like that they're able to quantify the experience in terms of performance. Usually, their videos just reinforce things I've already noticed in the game and they are almost always fair. I have never seen them blast a game that I felt performed well - the fanboys in the comment section, however... certainly do blow every little technical limitation way out of proportion. 

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It depends on the game. When you're going 200 mph in NFS, bad frame pacing is definitely noticeable.

When you're playing at 30 fps, it's definitely noticeable to me.






My previous PC was Core2Duo + Geforce 650ti and when I played Tomb Raider 2012 on High I had the craziest frame fluctuation and that's when I knew I had to upgrade, na mean.

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I do at times, and it irks me to no end when it becomes impossible to get rid of it.

I'm easily able to notice drops from 100fps down to 60/70 these days.

I haven't had any problems playing Bloodborne. Either I got lucky and it wasn't too bad or I'm not very good at noticing.