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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sega announce Sega Genesis/Mega Drive mini comes with 40 games launches september 19, 2019

Analogue just released one, I know what I would choose.

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I have the Mega SG, so I have no interest in this. However, if they get the right SOUND for these games via emulation, it's a good cheap option.

I actually had a Mega Drive, but... meh. The console never had a single stand out game for me, neither did Sega as a whole until they went 3rd party actually, the increase in quality since they did that has truly been massive!

I might buy this just to play Castlevania, if that is not on the Castlevania-collection

A Master System one would be way more interesting.
Mega Drive games are everywhere.

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That's cool. Really want a Master System Mini as well

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