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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Retro Games overrated vs underrated: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Overrated or Underrated?

Underrated a true gem that has aged well! 11 35.48%
Overrated a product of it... 5 16.13%
Justly Rated. A very good... 15 48.39%
NightDragon83 said:

It's justly rated, I'm surprised the MC score is as high as it is tbh.  I'd put it in the 75-80 category myself.  The thing Turok had going for it was it came at a time early in the N64's life where there was a dearth of software, especially quality 3rd party titles.  Most 3rd party games at that point were not all that great or just rushed ports from the arcade or other consoles.

Turok was also supposed to come out around the US launch of the N64 but got delayed to March '97 due to bugs and other issues.  It would've made for a helluva 1-2 punch if it had launched alongside Mario 64 and had a full year at retail before GoldenEye made it almost completely irrelevant. Turok was a breath of fresh air for its time, but it has not held up very well over time, as is the case with many games from early in the 32/64-bit gen.

Yup, there was a limited amount of software available at the time so people who weren't necessarily interested in first person shooters still bought it and were ready turok.

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I still like Turok better than GoldenEye. I think it stands up better in the test of time but, neither one still holds up well in my opinion.

I'm so glad you point out that it came out before GoldenEye; but yeah After Half-Life came out and Perfect Dark was delayed and Red Faction released, going back to these titles became rough, despite the fact they were among the greatest at their time.

SammyGiireal said:

I agree Turok 2 was better, also a showcase of Nintendo's 4*MB Ram pack, it was a game that wasn't possible on the PS1 or Saturn.

My experienced was marred by the "heavier controls" and I could not get through it.  I felt they had ruined Turok with it and it was one of many games that Acclaim tried to push the 4MB Exp, but it really just overloaded the game and caused issues.  I dunno, maybe I was being harsh on it at the time though.  As stated before I was infuriated by LoZ:OoT at the time so it was Dreamcast time for me!   Maybe I'll pick it up on steam and see what I think now.

I loved the game back then, it was one of my first N64 games. I liked the open level design, cool enemies, crazy weapons and the gore. But it aged poorly. I played the remastered version on PC a few years back and couldn't motivate myself to complete it.

The first 3 Turok games were great they were even comparable to PC FPS, Turok 2 was my favourite of the games. GE blew people away because it's the foundation for what became modern console FPS until Halo arrived it had a good single player that got people to grasp how to approach the game which prepared you for a great multiplayer which for consoles was ground breaking at the time to the point that it's the template that lead to COD (GE's success inspired Medal of Honour on the PS1 which was done by people who would leave EA to form IW and create COD to compete with MOH).

When people think of GE they mainly think of the multiplayer for most part while with Turok people mainly think of the single player which imo are better than GE's hence why they aged better.

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I liked Turok Dinosaur Hunter back then on N64, and for it's time I think it was justly rated. It was a notable game for sure. However after GoldenEye came out Turok was instantly obsolete and I never played it again. Also never played the sequels.

Pretty good game. Recently bought it on Steam and it played better than I expected / remembered. The platforming parts always bothered me the most. I remember a lot of deaths / falls from them. Fog never bothered me so much, I quite liked the enemies appearing from the mist ahead.

Pretty good game back then. Turok 2 was pretty great.

I loved the Nuke weapon and the effects it gave off in the game.

I really love the Turok series—well, 1, 2, and Rage Wars at least—and I’d put the premiere game up there among the better FPS games of the era. I appreciate the open, deplorable areas, the punchy weapons, the weird enemies, and the rich setting and atmosphere. I’d say it’s about evenly rated, maybe slightly overrated. I think 80 is a fair score.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Oh thank god. I thought you were talking about Retro Studios. Phew!

Well, in a way it IS Retro Studios, since several of the Iguana team members who made Turok joined Retro ahead of Metroid Prime