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Forums - General Discussion - Diabetic's share your moments here

Ok so I made this thread to share what is happening to us. I didn't wanna make multiple threads talking about what I'm experiencing so I'll talk about them here . Today my sugar all time low record happened it gone to 45 sugar i felt spikes also felt I was going blind scared me well ate lots of sugar I feel good again though sleepy and scared . 

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Since when are you suffering from it and how do you think you can improve the way it does effect you?

Once when I was still elementary school, my blood sugar dropped to 24, I vaguely remember trying to get to my nurse and almost blacking out on the way their. Nowadays my blood sugars seem to stay kinda high, I've really been trying to get it under control here lately, sadly I can't go see my Diabetic specialist anymore because my medicaid got stopped mid last year.