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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who's getting Dead or Alive 6 ?

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Are you buying it?

Yes 13 39.39%
No 16 48.48%
Maybe? 4 12.12%
I dont even? 0 0%
shikamaru317 said:
Burning Typhoon said:

I feel the exact same way.  Right now, DoA5 offers a better value than the sequel does.  It's a shame.  But Mai gets to come back, and who I think is probably Kyo.  with DLC practices like this, we need VF6 to come.  Tekken and DoA, which were both born from Virtua Fighter are still around, so why not dust off the series, and stop using effects that have been around since the first game.

I would love to see a new Virtua Fighter, but there is no indication that AM2 is developing one currently, so for now at least DoA is the best option imo. 

yeah i missed Virtua Fighter this gen together with Gran Turismo. :p

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And with the recent bugs that were found in the game, allowing you to fight outside of stage boundaries, it makes it seem like they weren't concerned with the game, or putting effort into it, just an excuse to beg everyone to pay for a 100 dollar DLC. I almost want to say I'm glad people aren't falling for it, but they seem to be complaining about other things. I like fighting games more than any other genre, but I cannot support this.

Got my glorious JP-only limited edition today =)

I will get MK11 on Switch instead. Between that, Dragonball FighterZ, and Smash, I think I am good on fighting games. If anything I may go back and check out Soul Caliber 6.

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