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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Plus March Lineup - Modern Warfare Remastered & The Witness

melbye said:
twintail said:

Complaining a year too late.  We already knew it was going to be 2 games when they announced ps3/ vita was going to end

I think a lot of us thought they would replace them with something announced at a later date

Perhaps so, and definitely would have been better, but they did say they werent being replaced and that the service would continue with only 2 ps4 games only a year ago.

Obviously it will improve with ps5 

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Nice month for me. I skip the witness when it launched because I thought the asking price was too much.

Nice month for me. I dont't own either.

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Allready own The Witness,expected more of that game because of my positive experience with Braid and them being from the same developers and i might have a try with the shooter but meeeeeeeeeeeh havent been into them for a long time,since it is free it would be just to try it ofcourse.

Is the witness only available digitally?
I'm really interested in the witness




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asqarkabab said:
Is the witness only available digitally?
I'm really interested in the witness

Digital only man. I'm thinking of trying it soon. Looks like a nice game to take the edge off of battling aliens. Aliens that control monsters.

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