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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales week 8, February 18- 24, 2019 (media create)

BOTW legs are one of the most impressive in recent memory. Who would have thought a Zelda title could pull that off in Japan?

And PS4 sales are sad and dissapointing. Barely anyone expected these harsh drops so soon.

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Fur Cry New Dawn? I had to click the link to make it was actually Far Cry. Fur Cry sounds like it could actually be a Japanese game.

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Despite 13k less sold units compared to last week for Switch, 53k is still very good number without any notable release recently, Switch this week sold around 15k more than it did in same week of last year. from start of year Switch is 205k up YoY.

Also, difference between PS4 and Switch is currently only around 400k.

53k is 34% up YoY

will probably be up every single week outside of maybe week 11, when Kirby launched.
Also interesting to see if the Pokemon reveal has any effect on next weeks numbers.

I mean FireEmb. Luigi. Bayonetta. Pokemon and Animal Crossing. 2019 will be big in Japan.


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Not much has been said but 20k for cheaper re-release of Nier is pretty great.

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Nice numbers for Nier, considering it's the same game with DLC added.
KH3 is still ticking. Surprised by Anthem doing so well though.

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