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Forums - Gaming Discussion - (Rumor) Watch Dogs 3 and Assassin's Creed 4Chan leak

 No new AC game in 2019. This year is Watch_Dogs 3. 
- Watch dogs 3 will be set in London
- Focus more on smaller firearms and knives for combat with a larger emphasis on hacking
- New Character. Can choose male or female (like Far Cry 5), but same story. 

- Next Assassins Creed is codenamed Legion in 2020 on current and next gen
- Set in Italy at the end of reign of Marcus Aurelius (guy from Gladiator) and during the struggles of his son Commodus and the year of 5 emperors
- Play as Cassius or Lucia, a descendent of characters from Origins and Odyssey
- Unclear which is canon, but like odyssey features choices and heavy RPG elements and same story for both characters. 
- Made by Sofia to tie up some loose ends for the “Ancient Trilogy” and currently is more first civ intensive than other game.
- Main story is more involved in assassins and politics with first civ and flashbacks to other points in Rome history being secondary. Ubi wants to make it feel more like assassins creed while feeling like Odyssey to make old and new fans happy
- Map is mainland Italy and small part of Gaul and Germania like Libya in Origins
- Revised mercenary and cultist system. Big cultists and main story assassinations have those memory things

Lastly, he backed up his leak with what appears to be a blurry, cell phone screenshot of an early build of AC Legion, showing an eagle flying over Roman architecture (the first 2 games of the Ancient Trilogy have had controllable Eagles in place of Eagle Vision):

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Reasons why this leak might be true imo:

-Ubisoft themselves have said they will release 3 or 4 AAA games this upcoming fiscal year (April 2019-March 2020), it would make alot of sense for Watch Dogs 3 to be one of them.

-Ubisoft themselves teased a London setting for the next Watch Dogs, when they patched in a post-credits movie in Watch Dogs 2 that had GPS coordinates that were for London.

-Back when Kotaku's Jason Schreier first leaked AC Origins, then codenamed AC Empire, he said that he had also heard about possible follow-up games set in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. 

-Ubisoft Sofia's Assassin's Creed team hasn't released a game since AC Rogue back in 2014, so they've had ample time to develop a main AC game. 


Reasons why this leak might not be true imo:

-It's a 4chan leak, 4 chan leaks aren't exactly well known for being accurate very often. 

-Ubisoft themselves teased that the current trilogy would end with Japan, back in Assassin's Creed 3, when Desmond saw 3 symbols; the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Eye of Ra (which was used in AC Origins logo), the greek letter Omega (AC Odyssey was set in Greece), and a Japanese Torii gate. Ubisoft has also teased an Assassin's Creed set in Japan multiple other times, there is a suit of samurai Armor with the Assassin's logo in Rainbow 6 Siege, there was a wall in the Abstergo Entertainment offices in AC4 that showed artwork from each AC game era where a Japanese temple was shown among the existing AC game settings, there was a reference to Yonaguni (the Japanese island with mysterious, perfectly carved sculptures which are now underwater) back in AC1, and most recently a modern day assassin who is former yakuza was introduced. 

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