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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which Nintendo IPs That We Haven't Heard From Yet Will Receive Games on Switch?

NightlyPoe said:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games:
No one seemed to notice that this series failed to materialize for the first time in a decade during an Olympic year.  Still, I think it shows up for the summer games in 2020.


Something to consider in  this regard. That doesn't necessarily mean Mario+Sonic, as Sega also made this. They for sure make a game for all platforms (including Switch) with realistic graphics like the PS3 game. The IOC wouldn't have given the exclusive license only for one game on one platform, which would be the case with Mario+Sonic. But an Mario+Sonic at the Olympic games title might be released additionally. After all this sold extremely well, oftentimes much better than the realistic graphics titles. So there is really a shot if Nintendo is willing again to lend the IP.


Other than that some comments:

* 3D Zelda might happen at the end of Switch's lifetime as a cross-gen title.

* Mario Maker probably is at the Direct today. As is 2D-Zelda.

* Wii Sports should happen in my opinion, but I somehow doubt Nintendo agrees. Would be better though. A Wii Fit seems unlikely with the release of Fitness Boxing, which kinda fills the niche.

* A new F-Zero, Earthbound, Wave Race or Advance Wars would be great, but Nintendo seems content to leave the field for Indies, which are indeed filling these niches (FAST Racing indtead of F-Zero, Reverie and Undertale instead of Earthbound, Riptide GP instead of Wave Race, Wargroove instead of Advance Wars).

* I wish they would port Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but Atlus seems so far kinda reluctant towards the Switch.

* I don't see another NES Remix. This seemed to be an experiment. And the retro fix is done by the NES Online.

* I am pretty sure we get some Pikmin on Switch. It may well only be the port of Pikmin 3 though.

* Kid Icarus and Golden Sun would be great, but I have my doubts about it. Sakurai made his Kid Icarus game, I doubt he feels like another is needed. A HD-remake fpr Switch of the 3DS title would be excellent though. Golden Sun is so long not remade, I can't see how to inject new life into this.

* Rhythm heaven would be great, I love it. But I am not sure it will happen for some time.

* Mario RPG would be great, if Square and Nintendo can cooperate on this. Put the team of Octopath on this.

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There's actually quite a bit of folks who love the Mario Baseball series, including myself. It's possible for them to develop another one as a filler to one of the larger titles yet to release.

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@op, i fully expect a Paper Mario, because it seems to be just one of two games Intelligent systems knows how to make (sorry Advance Wars fans). Ballsy list, overall...maybe FZero makes sense given how long it has been.

I would argue that a “new-new” Super Mario Bros should be a priority for Nintendo. This means:
All-new graphics
A soundtrack on par with Mario Galaxy and Odyssey
Refreshed play controls
Change up the level design (toss the three coins, update the goal post)
New enemies and power ups, lots of them
Playable Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi
Maybe more ambitious use of the map screen
Maybe a new villain

Super Mario Bros can sell 25 million again, but it means putting in a serious effort.

Pikmin, Advance Wars (IS is rumoured to be working on something other than FE) and Rhythm Heaven are all definitely expected IMO. Chibi-Robo I would love, but I doubt it.

Chibi Robo or riot!



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I'm hoping for Sin and Punishment.

I've always wanted Nintendo to unify Excitebike, Cruisn', Excite Truck, Wave Race, Pilotwings, and 1080 Snowboarding into one racing-sports franchise and just call it "Excite".

It'd be sort of like Wii Sports Resort, but more realistic and deeper racing gameplay and customization options - but still kind of arcadey.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

I think the OP overall does a pretty good job of breaking down the chances on every franchise.

I personally would like another Advance Wars and Punch Out game. I'm not getting my hopes up on either. I am too used to being disappointed. I'll just expect the worst and then be happy to be proven wrong. I would like to see a Mario Maker 2 also, but I'm pretty sure they are going to make this one. It will be another 10m+ seller on the Switch, so I don't see why they wouldn't make it.

Also, I'm not that big of an Earthbound fan, but it really is time for them to bring Mother 3 outside of Japan. Enough is enough Nintendo. Give the fans what they want.

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