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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Direct announced, 2.13.2019.




NA: February 13 @ 2pm PST / 5pm EST
EU: February 13 @ 10pm GMT / 11pm CET
JP: February 14 @ 7am JST


For people that doubt in King Zell. :D

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No mention of 3DS. And Fire Emblem will probably be the focus since they specifically mentions that game, so i guess it will be their next game after Yoshi and release in April or May

Fuck. Yeah. So the rumors were true indeed. And I concur with melbye, Fire Emblem is definitely an April release.

Come on Fire Emblem/Dragon Quest date, Pokemon info, and Pikmin 4

You know the Nintendo Direct will be good when they invent a 13th month to air it in.

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I predict release dates for Fire Emblem (which is obvious), FF games that haven't gotten release dates, and Luigi's Mansion 3. Maybe a trailer for either Bayo 3 or Animal Crossing. Perhaps a Mario Sports or Zelda remaster (or if we are lucky a 2D new Zelda game)

RingoGaSuki said:
Come on Fire Emblem/Dragon Quest date, Pokemon info, and Pikmin 4

Dont hope too much for Pikmin 4, one insider said that Pikmin 4 was rebooted, but its seems that we will get Pikmin 3 port this at least.

I'd guess:

- Fan-favourite reveal to start: Metroid Prime Trilogy HD
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses confirmed for June
- DLC for Super Mario Party
- Dragon Quest fighter confirmed for Smash, Dragon Quest Builders 2 release date, Dragon Quest XI S confirmed for 2019 in the West
- SNES games coming to Switch Online
- Indie reel and release dates, some hyped indie game dropping shortly after the Direct
- Final Fantasy 7 available after the Direct, 9 gets a release date
- Spyro Trilogy
- Assassin's Creed 3
- Other third-party games (Crash Team Racing, Sonic, FF remasters, maybe a new port from someone)
- Pokemon developer video, Pokemon Direct confirmed for February 27th (Pokemon Day)
- Solid release dates for Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Daemon X Machina
- Release window for Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing
- Big reveal to end: 2D Legend of Zelda (2019)

What I'd like to see but I don't think is coming just yet: Super Mario Maker Switch, Star Fox: Grand Prix, Pokemon generation 8 gameplay reveal, Bayonetta 3, new Monolith Soft game.

my one fear is that its basically a given that we will get a new Fighter Pack reveal, and with the mention of Three Houses, that could potentially mean they do another early FE character, and my god there is nothing i want less than that.

I can hope for Pikmin 4 though, and the extremely unlikely chance for Pokemon

Pikman Collection.