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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Quarter finals - Raven vs QUAKEcore89 - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament




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This round is so wrong.

I'll vote for Quake, tho.

Mr_No said:
This round is so wrong.

indeed :(


Voting for Raven then, to balance things out...

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Quake bro

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Couldn't have lost to a better user! Thank you all for the votes last round! :)

As for this round, gotta go with Raven.

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Both are awesome :(

I'll go with raven


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Can't decide if I should go with a Tales of Vesperia joke or a sassy black psychic girl joke.

Well I'll go with neither vote and vote Raven.

Tough choice though.

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These users are both a1 but imma vote Raven


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