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Forums - General Discussion - A friend of mine has passed away, and I cannot believe it

I'm very sorry for your loss. I can understand how hard it is for you. Last year I've suddenly lost my closest friend who I had known for half of my life. Stay strong! Feel free to send me a PM if you want to talk.

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Thanks for sharing. I was feeling a bit self-destructive today and it helps to see how much you cared for her. I love you, and she did too.

Sorry for your loss. I can empathize. Back in 2010 an online buddy of mine (IGN Boards) passed away and I didn’t think it would hit me the way it had. My sincerest condolences.


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I want to thank everyone in this thread for the kind words.

Yeah, I'm feeling better today. I talked to my friends at the website and they are slowly accepting it too. We'll never forget her, but life goes on, and I'm pretty sure she wanted us to enjoy life as much as possible.

Sorry for your loss.

I know how that is. I lost my Mom two years ago, and I still can't believe it.

My shrink says I'll never get over it completely. I guess you just have to live with it and keep going..

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I never had that kind of loss in my life, so i cant say I understand your pain.But I still want to say Im sorry, and I extend my condolances.

As people have said here, as much as it hurts, you mjust keep moving on.Give yourself a few days or even a week to mourn for her, felling bad and all that.But after that, try to move on, not by forgetting her, but by treasuring the memories you had of her and the moments you spent together.

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I am sorry I am not able to feel all that pain you feel... Just... My condolences.

I'm so sorry for what happened. :(

Keep her alive in your heart. Never forget the memories you've made or the positives she added to your life. At least she knew how you felt about her before she passed. You really can't ask for more than that.

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It'll always hurt, and you won't get over it quickly. She's always going to be with you, even if you can't see or hear her anymore. It's okay to talk to someone about how you're coping/feeling without her, it does help. 

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