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Forums - Gaming Discussion - HDR is mind blowing (RDR2 updated to proper HDR)


Which would you prefer if pushed.

HDR. 23 58.97%
Ray tracing. 8 20.51%
Neither/other in comments. 8 20.51%
John2290 said:

Shafow of the Collosus on 4k with HDR...dudes, It's insane that a remaster can look better than many current gen game and such a bland, uninteresting, blotchy, tight FOV mess of a game on OG ps4 can be upped to something so magestic on PRO. The real estate provided and detail gives such immersion, I'd have given up on this game and nearly did after the third colossus on the OG at 1080, had It not been for PRO and my TV which added something much more to the game than just better visuals, something I can't quite put my finger on.

The colossi seem to have weight and presence to them, the scenes are just majestic as fuck and the colour and lighting is perfect and natural. The only downside is the resolution mode can cause some frame stutter and if the settings on your TV aren't there to compensate the FPS can be generally bad. Performance mode is still great though provided you are a decent distant from the TV, it loose a little bit of the slender but not a great deal. 

This is less of a remaster and nearly a damn remake if you are on PRO. Statically or moving the camera slowly the game looks better in areas than some of the better PC games of late, it does a lot less for sure but what it does do is special. I can't believe a remaster done, did this shit.

@Bolded, wat.Why are you comparing HDR to the general graphical fidelity settings on a completely different platform?.

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John2290 said:

With or without HDR it is stunning on PRO, HDR sends it over the top but the environments reach near photo realism, something I've only seen on PC, metro exodus' desert area for example and this beats even that. 

Yeah, that's what gets me, but I know at the end of the day that it's your say, not textbook defined though.

Like I'm fine sporting reshade, and getting all kinds of nice visual fidelity from the presets it comes with for all my games I use it with.

Too late, I'll always remember the game as better played in SDR. No room to install it again.