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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Have a Preferred Launch Window for Games?


Your Favorite Time of Year to Have New Game Released?

Jan/Feb (Start the year off with a bang) 0 0%
Mar/April (After enough t... 3 18.75%
May/June (End of exams, time to celebrate) 1 6.25%
July/Aug (Screw the nice ... 1 6.25%
Sept/Oct (Back to school, back to gaming) 0 0%
Nov/Dec (All the big game... 1 6.25%
I do not care when a game releases 10 62.50%

Is there a specific month or time of the year that you prefer to have big games release? For instance do you like a new game to start off the new year right? Do you not like games to release in the summer because you prefer to spend times outdoors when the weather is nice? Most big games release in the fall/holiday season, maybe you like that because you can dive into a game during time off from work/school?

What time of year did your favorite games launch?

I do not really have a preference. I actually have not played any games in a while. The last game I bought the day it came out was Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy on PS4. That came out it early summer.

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there are so many games i want to play, so no.

Since November-December is the one of the most preferred bimesters by Nintendo, I guess that one.

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I play games all year long, so it doesn't matter to me. My preference is to release a game when it is ready to release.

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I guess Jan-Feb, followed by March-April. Summer seems to suck for me, followed by Winter.

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Some time between now, and the day I die.

I seems to care mostly for games launched during Spring/Summer/Fall seasons than anything released in between Jan/Feb.

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Preferably in the first half of the year so there's a higher chance of them being really cheap by the time Black Friday and Christmas come around, lol :P I rarely buy games day one since it always takes me at least a year or more, sometimes multiple years, to actually get around to playing the game anyway... so I guess release date doesn't really matter, although if I can buy it cheaper by waiting until the end of the year when I have both my birthday AND Christmas bonus from work, then yeah, I'd definitely prefer earlier in the year!

There are so few games these days that any date is fine.

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Not really. Like em spread out so there isn't too many games at once