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When the Nintendo Switch launched there were immediate reports of joy-cons, in particular left side joy-cons, not syncing properly.  Certainly this has been the case for me for both my neon red and blue set that originally came with my Switch as well as a grey set I bought in the Summer of 2017.  

I sent the neon set back and bought the grey set while I was waiting for my neons to be fixed.  Nintendo did make good on their promise of fixing the joy-cons, but I'm not sure it really fixed the problem to be honest.  It seemed to be more responsive and less likely to desync, but wasn't what I'd consider a perfectly responsive controller.  I have yet to send in my grey set because of this.  I just don't trust that there is a fix they can perform.

Lately my left joy-con's stick has been tracking up even after I've recalibrated it on several occasions.  Maybe that's why I suck at Rocket League (just kidding, it's because I'm trash).  

Anyway, I think it's time to buy a new set.  I'm hoping that the later production models had less issues.  What do you guys think?  Are your joy-cons perfect?  What colors do you have and what experiences have you had?  Am I just going to be stuck playing a foot from my console and constantly recalibrating, or is it time I take the plunge and get a new set with confidence that they'll work the way they're supposed to?

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All i want to say is to small

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I own three pairs, two of them over 1 year old, and the stick of each controller has drifting issues to varying degrees. Of course, I've used them for well over 700 hours each pair, but I don't know, I don't think previous iterations of Nintendo's controllers were this sensible. Thankfully, replacements are cheap, but I don't understand, thank you.

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They feel a little bit small, hands get easily cramped when i use them especially in fast-paced games. Been trying to beat this one Super Meat Boy level for a few days now, switched to the Pro Controller and beat the level on my first try

For the record, I really like the joy-cons. I don't think they're too small...but sometimes I do have to give my hands a rest. I played with the pro controller this weekend a bit and I just don't like going back to regular style controllers. The Wii and the nunchuck combo have spoiled me and I hope Nintendo continues to support a split controller form factor on future consoles. I just wish they'd figure out the tech in them. Maybe they have....that's kind of the point of this thread. Just trying to see if anyone else out there has had a flawless set and if so what color were they and when were they purchsed.

But I do understand those who are saying they are too small. I have regular sized/smaller hands and the joy-cons seem the perfect size to me.

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i currently own 3 pairs of joy-cons. the first is a Red/Blue set that came with console, which did initially have some sync issues, but after a controller update, they worked a lot better. i dont usually sit that far away from my Switch, so thats another thing. my second set is Grey and required a controller update as soon i bought them. they desync a bit when sitting further away, but it could also be from obstructions. my third and final pair is the Splatoon Pink/Green set which i havent had any real problems with.

another thing of note is that the issues could stem from the bluetooth receiver inside of the Switch itself, although i dont know too much about how bluetooth works so dont quote me on that

There are two things I don't like about the Joy-cons;

1. They're too bloody small! I mean, I'd say I've got small to average hands but playing with just one Joy-con is actually dreadful for me and I start getting a horrible pain in my thumbs after about an hour or so of playing.

2. The fact that, when separate, the Joy-cons aren't identical/symmetrical. One of them has the buttons in the middle and analogue stick on the right, the other has the buttons on the left and analogue stick in the middle, it drives my OCD insane and whenever I'm playing a two player game I literally have to sit and decide which thumb I'm okay with aching like fuck because of the positioning of the controls.

Aside from those two things though, I have nothing to complain about. 

I never had the connectivity issue, but I now have three left joycons that drift up/right. I've been seeing videos popping up about how to fix this lately, so it must be a common problem.

In my experience it tends to set in after something like 80 hours of use, which is pretty unacceptable if other people are experiencing a similar failure timeframe. I don't think I'm particularly rough with them either.

The next revision HAS to address these dang joycon issues... they're just too fragile at the moment.

I'm going to attempt repairing mine.

I've had so many problems with my JoyCons it ain't funny lol. I have those Neon Blue/Neon Red set as well as the Neon Green/Neon Pink.
I've only really had issues with the former

My original left joycon had drifting problems beyond repair and I didn't even use it that much, maybe like 100 hrs. I had to buy another pair and everything is good so far but again I don't use them that much, the video about cleaning them (compressed air, contact cleaners, alcohol, etc.) never helped me and I've seen A LOT of threads about this issue, Nintendo really has to adress this problem because is a little bit ridiculous.

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