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When the Nintendo Switch launched there were immediate reports of joy-cons, in particular left side joy-cons, not syncing properly.  Certainly this has been the case for me for both my neon red and blue set that originally came with my Switch as well as a grey set I bought in the Summer of 2017.  

I sent the neon set back and bought the grey set while I was waiting for my neons to be fixed.  Nintendo did make good on their promise of fixing the joy-cons, but I'm not sure it really fixed the problem to be honest.  It seemed to be more responsive and less likely to desync, but wasn't what I'd consider a perfectly responsive controller.  I have yet to send in my grey set because of this.  I just don't trust that there is a fix they can perform.

Lately my left joy-con's stick has been tracking up even after I've recalibrated it on several occasions.  Maybe that's why I suck at Rocket League (just kidding, it's because I'm trash).  

Anyway, I think it's time to buy a new set.  I'm hoping that the later production models had less issues.  What do you guys think?  Are your joy-cons perfect?  What colors do you have and what experiences have you had?  Am I just going to be stuck playing a foot from my console and constantly recalibrating, or is it time I take the plunge and get a new set with confidence that they'll work the way they're supposed to?