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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pokemon: LGP and LGE sold 88,039 digital copies in its first month in Japan and more digital sales numbers

Madness comes next year with the core games of the series.

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Megiddo said:

They are actual numbers of which the individual software on the list can be compared.

70k for BFV and 45k for FO76 is in line with physical/digital ratio of other first person shooters on PS4.

Puyo Puyo for the Switch is always ahead of the PS4 version.

There's nothing that looks glaringly off from the data that I can see.


Famitsu digital estimate is basically a made up number, they didn't get the access to the digital data like NPD for PSN/XBL and no one knows about Nintendo Eshop sales data. 

Famitsu digital estimate = unreliable 

I think someone in era even proved it was unreliable when comparing to actual sales released in based on fiscal reports (forget which media create or famitsu thread it was). So the fact people remotely treat this as reliable is funny. (In regards to Nintendo Numbers, the Sony/Microsoft numbers I do not have proof one way or another). 

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Seems kinda low for a pokemon game. Are those sales good?



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