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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Unlocking Characters In Smash Is Like Repeatedly Getting Kicked In The Grapes

I lost a few, some were because was winning by such a margin that I was like "imma kill him in this funny way" just to get combo'd and killed. (I'll remember that forever pichu). Others were on stages that made it a bit difficult for me (lucas). In that case I couldn't land a proper kill hit on him because of where he was most game and the one time I ended up above I got up smashed. But the CPU's in this game are much more difficult so losing doesn't surprise me at all. The further along I got in unlocking the harder the matches became.

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Proxy-Pie said:
If it's really as hard as I've been hearing, then Nintendo ought to patch in some difficulty modes.

Nooooo, we dont need more handouts


It's real;y annoying, Wii fit trainer kicks my butt everytime and Bowser as well but some of them are so easy I do it without any damage. It really is a kick to the nut after giving you chocolate. It's an abusive relationship hahahaha

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

playing world of light on normal and i swear Roy kicked my ass for an hour straight before he died on on his own

The CPUs are brutal in Ultimate. I lost to Incineroar 5-6 times before getting him. Even the Lv 3 CPUs can provide a challenge at times (though at other times they're like a punching bag; the Lv 9s are insane though, way beyond anything in Sm4sh.)

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I thought they were a welcome challenge, to be honest. Quite a few required a second attempt but only Chrom required a third attempt. The first time I fought him he KO'd me in three hits. Chrom's sexy, though, so I ain't mad.

Some of this was down to me unlocking characters primarily through Classic mode, which meant I was meeting some challengers with characters I'm either rubbish with or unfamiliar with. The Challenger's Approach feature is really handy, though, because you can have rematches with a more favourable choice of fighter.

That was fun! =)

I'm enjoying unlocking characters,, I've lost a few battles though.