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Forums - Website Topics - Dark Mode Now Available

VAMatt said:
VAMatt said:
The bright green text for the headings of latest stories, and several other headings on various pages throughout the site is hard on my eyes when in dark mode. I can read it, but it is off-putting to me. If others are having a similar experience, possibly that color could be tweaked a little bit.

I've now realized that this really only applies on my Android phone.  The green heading text looks like Las Vegas neon signage against the gray background on my phone.  It looks much more normal on desktop.  

Yup - I see that, too...    ...I can always tweak the "green", if somebody wants to supply me with a hex color code that works. Just not my area of expertise.

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Darc Requiem said:
I'm sure it surprises no one, but I prefer Dark mode.

I just noticed your user number - you're definitely one of the Old Guard of VGChartz, like me! I got you beat by a day or two, though...  ;)


The green color gets lost with the dark mode. But could use this as my default mode from now on. Great work!

The dark theme looks great. Maybe you could add dark borders as an option, to please those that prefer dark and light borders.

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Well - I tried the black borders both on the front page, and here in the forums. Not sure what I think of them yet...

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Thanks for putting so much effort into this site !

kirby007 said:
@talonman blue mode this bitch

I agree with you for once. When this is perfected, can we get a classic VGChartz Classic skin? 

On topic, dark mode looks a lot better. You're doing a great job and thank you. :) 

Really really awesome looking. Very modern looking in comparison to the other scheme.

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Not sure if mentioned before, but I think font size on front page is smaller than it used to be.

HoloDust said:
Not sure if mentioned before, but I think font size on front page is smaller than it used to be.

I honestly still can't decide whether it's a perception thing, or reality. Does the white text on dark background just LOOK smaller? Have you flipped back and forth between the dark mode and non-dark?

I've changed colors and borders and such, but NO font sizes or styles (unless it somehow happened inadvertently)...