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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The reason the switch is barely starting and sales will explode next few years +250m LTD

I realised this in a different thead the switch/nintendo doesnt optimise its handheld potential optimal yet.

Its still lacking its brain training en nintendogs appeal. Once these to games lauch the blue ocean strategy will start working again.

Besides these two games we lack the wii fit appeal.

Combine the sales potential of the ds and the wii and the switch could reach 150 m ez.

So the current sales are due to the lack of these 3 games.

I blame wii switch fit

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I mean not only that but yea it is missing a lot of games still and the console isn't cheap.

I think it will be up YoY in 2019 pretty significantly. 

I thought I stepped into a thread that was made by what was his name again that Mummelmann kept making fun of ?

Actually, the real reason why it hasn't seen any real growth in sales is because there hasn't been a price cut or major hardware revision yet, plus there were no titles that could be considered system-sellers from January through October this year. It's really just as simple as that. I detailed the subject of flat Switch sales here (U.S. sales only, BTW):


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Actually I was hoping the days of Wii fit and brain training were behind us. Surely Nintendo themselves know that crowd aren’t likely to return. I’m kinda happy to see nintendo focus on real games again.

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Is it still that popular though? Wii Fit was for the "mommy can play too" audience, and this audience is on mobile now. The brain training can be found for free on mobile too. So you just have Nintendogs left, but it's not been popular for years, is it? And you can surely find one for free on mobile too...

The "blue ocean strategy" can't work with titles like this anymore, because either the audience or the games are already on the cheaper mobile.

They need a more constant stream of heavy hitters, not more mobile-level games.

Problem is that games like Nintendogs and Brain Age simply don't have much of an audience on consoles anymore because Smartphones are better suited devices for these games. Nintendo needs let the past go and focus on new ideas and games that only the Switch can do such as Labo and ARMS.

2019 will have Animal Crossing and Pokemon. If they add a 2D or 3D Mario game its going to explode!

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Jranation said:
2019 will have Animal Crossing and Pokemon. If they add a 2D or 3D Mario game its going to explode!

2D Mario is releasing in January

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All they need are quality games and the ability to play them portably or on the TV.

Fking natibe voice chat for all games would be a welcome addition too though!

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