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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Switch version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is not censored, PS4 version will be missing several 'features'

From what we know so far, the PS4 version will be missing the Gold Fan and Softening Gel features from the previous version of the game. What do these features do, well I'm glad you asked. The Softening Gel increases the jiggleness of the your characters boobs. The Gold Fan lets you blow the hair or skirts of a character which could lead to the skirt being flipped up. This is what we know so far as differences between the 2 versions of the game, rest will probably need to be found when the game releases. Crazy to believe that Sony is now the one censoring games, though to be fair, Nintendo hasn't censored a game in like 20 or 30 years. Most of the stuff they did censor was just there own content.

For more info on the difference between the versions, click here


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It's just so stupid to censor these games, it's not like it's mainstream or little kids buying it

Nintendo not censoring makes sense. Besides the fact that as mentioned, they have not done this to a 3rd party game in years, they are obviously ok just getting 3rd parties to support a console as much as the Switch has been (arguably same for handheld considering the drop in support on 3DS).

It is still dumb that Sony does this now, or at least makes the process as difficult it it sounds, but ultimately these are games that I have zero inclination to buy. So, it is what it is

I would support the removal of these kinds of things in a mainline DOA game or something like that... But in a game like this, isn't that the whole point?

Until recently I would not have expected this scenario.
It's pretty stupid imo. The game has a mature rating. Let people flip their skirts.

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How can I buy this game once it's out? So far, I understand it's JP only.

Softening Gel.... what about hardening pills?

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I'm surprised Nintendo doesn't sensor. They wouldn't want to damage their family brand they've work so hard to create. I guess they really want the 3rd parties on board.

remember, when concepts for Bayonetta 2 were being pitched to Nintendo, the designers were certain they would be turned down for being too graphic. Nintendo then told them to make it more graphic

Sony is being controlled by either a crazy zealot feminist or old conservative preachy hypocrite zealots or possibly both who knows but what i do know is this shit started the last couple years right around the me too movement and trump being elected influencing other countries


This link actually gives good details about it

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