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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is FIFA 19 a profitable product on the Switch ?

The difference looks massive whatever the reference that we consider. The 2nd graph considers the installed bases ratio :


PS4 84.9 3.93
XBOX1 39.4 1.82
NS 21.6 1

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Yes, FIFA 18 sold 1M on Switch. FIFA 19 should do at least the half, but probably does more. Porting costs are way below that. It surely is profitable. But the other platforms are much more profitable, especially PS4.

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Of course it is. FIFA makes way more money with its card packs anyway.
Also they made a last gen version for FIFA18 and 19 that sold way worse.

Easily. It's sales in comparisons to other platfrorms don't matter a jot. All that matters is how much it costs to port to Switch, which probably isn't that much considering the game's already on every other platform anyway. So with sales + microtransactions it should easily be profitable.

Well if Fifa 18 wasnt profitable they wouldnt put Fifa 19 on there in the first place. So yes, I would assume so.

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They no doubt budget according to expected sales. So yes, the Switch version will have a small enough budget for the game to be profitable, if it wasn't they'd stop making them. If Switch sales increased they'd no doubt spend more money on that version, whether that be development or marketing.

Of course it is. It is awkward to compare when the game is such a juggernaut on the other systems, but for a Fifa game on a Nintendo console it got off to a really healthy start, beating the launch of what was already the best selling Fifa on a Nintendo.

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