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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Top Five Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

curl-6 said:

I would've loved there to be a Mario Galaxy-esque space kingdom with the planetoids and microgravity mechanics of that game, complete with a sweeping orchestral score, but I guess you can't have everything in life. 

Cross your fingers for the sequel then :p

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1. Bowser Kingdom
2. Lake Kingdom
3. Lost Kingdom
4. Ruined Kingdom
5. Sand Kingdom
6. Metro Kingdom

I loved the Japanese-vibe Bowser's Kingdom was given, the aesthetics were fantastic. The sectioning was really well done too. Though it was short, I also really liked the Lake Kingdom, the music was relaxing and playing as Cheep-Cheep put a smile on my face

In no order.

1) Seaside Kingdom
2) Bowser Kingdom
3) Metro Kingdom
4) Moon Kingdom
5) Mushroom Kingdom