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Forums - Sales Discussion - Media Create Sales Week 44 - Oct 29 / Nov 4

Can't believe black ops IIII is doing so well. This coming from a guy who has all the previous games and not this one simply cause no single player campaign. Looks like single player gaming is dying a slow death



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Surprised to see RDR 2 below BOPS4, slight raise for Switch hardware,drop for ps4. Splatoon 2 never leaving the top 10 the whole switch's lifetime it seems xD

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These Call of Duty legs are tremendous!

Spider-Man is holding really well, it even increased from last week. Black Ops IIII sales are impressive.
Mario Kart 8 DX is really close to outselling Mario Odyssey. Nice boost for the Switch.

Cod legs are nothing short of amazing. Spiderman too just on a different scale. It will be interesting to see if rdr2 has a tail. The online should help.

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Well, after the trailer for the 3rd DLC Wave for Kirby Star Allies, it's obvious that it'll come back in the charts soon enough.

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Keiji said:
That's strange, some people said it would be the end of Sony in Japan because of their policy against awful pedophile's games.
It seems that it's not the case.

Hey, they're only pedophilic if you're 18+.
Sony is needlessly destroying the dreams of high school boys across their nation.