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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bethesda about Switch support and development

WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
routsounmanman said:

Constructive, are we?

I think AngryLittleAlchemist can handle it.

Precisely. You offer nothing to the discussion, and it's pretty obvious what you're trying to do. 

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Miyamotoo said:
DélioPT said:


That dont make any sense, game is just confirmed thats in development, they did not mention any specific platform they developing TES6 for, we dont have idea when game could be out (2020. earliest), while we get information that Doom 2016. coming to Switch only 2 months before launch. So, why we would know if they having  Switch on mind with Skyrim 6?

5 AAA games (plus some smaller games like Fallout Shelter) confirmed/released in first 1.5 year from one studio is good any case, especially if we talk about Nintendo platform, and when that studio didnt released almost nothing on last few Nintendo platforms.

Sorry, i was under the impression they had announced platforms.
Still, it's obvious that they will release them for Sony and MS's next gen consoles - if they don't release a port for PS4 and XB1, too.

It's a good thing. I agree.
But it's still the past. For the future we have the new Doom and WF3. Rage 2 is big unkonwn.

Again, i'm not arguing about the quality or quantity of their support. I just wanted to bring to the conversation, the future of their support.

pokoko said:
DélioPT said:

Would it pay off reworking the engine? Assuming they can get decent results.

Yeah, i don't see those two games coming out for Switch. Switch 2? Well, it depends on demanding those games will be and if Switch 2 can actually run them.

The engine has been reworked countless times already.  It's built on top of an engine that's 20 years old.  Obviously it's improved massively since Fallout 3 but there is only so much they can do with it.  That's why it was possible for them to bring Skyrim forward to the same engine version as Fallout 4, it's built on the same foundation.

Assuming Starfield is using the same engine, it will probably be even further refined but still have the same drawbacks and scaling problems that Fallout 4 faced.  That was a game that was originally intended to have versions the PS3 and 360 but they couldn't make it work and dropped them.  That's despite having subpar visuals for this generation.

Of course, we know nothing about Starfield.  It might be a linear game set inside space ships and stations for all we know, which would be a lot less burdensome than a vast open map with millions of objects to track.  If it's the "Fallout in space" many people are expecting, however, then I think the chances of it appearing on the Switch drop significantly.  

As for the Elder Scrolls, assuming they actually are bringing in an all new engine, then there is a chance they'll aim for a high amount of scalability.  This is the company that has Skyrim ported to everything this side of toasters.  I'm betting they'll at least consider the Switch 2.  Nintendo would be very wise to keep being friendly with Bethesda because landing the next Elder Scrolls would be a big deal.

Thanks for the clarification.

I highly doubt it won't be with Switch 2 in mind. Probably that's why they keep getting together regularly. 

routsounmanman said:
WhatATimeToBeAlive said:

I think AngryLittleAlchemist can handle it.

Precisely. You offer nothing to the discussion, and it's pretty obvious what you're trying to do. 

I wrote two comments on the previous page and one of them added something to the conversation, but I don't know how valid it is in your opinion.

And let's not rub it to his face anymore.


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