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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 2 Remake New Licker Footage

the game is looking great, looks better and better with every video i see

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i hope the shooting mechanics are as good as evil within 2

pitzy272 said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Also, why do the Lickers look like Venom?

No, an actual link. Not the video. Still can’t see or watch anything. 

Either way/OT:  I’m surprised how excited I’ve been getting for this game. Looks fantastic. 


RolStoppable said:
TruckOSaurus said:

I'm actually worried about that too. I hope at some point you fix the generator or something and the lights turn on.

Like I said in the last thread about the RE2 remake, if it has brightness setting like RE7, then there's an easy way to fix the game.

I guess but turning the brightness up too much does cost a bit in terms of graphical quality.

I feel like they changed how the licker is actually supposed to act. In the original Resi 2, it simply stalked you from the walls/ceilings, closing in on you and then jumping you st the last possible moment.

With this new Licker, it seems to just waltz on by you from time to time, either ignoring or tracking you, but giving you so much time to react to it's presence. It looks quite off from how it's supposed to act, and the music doesn't really give me creepy vibes, certainly not like the original score once did for me.