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Favorite ff game?

FF1 0 0.00%
FF3 0 0.00%
FF4 7 8.33%
FF5 0 0.00%
FF6 22 26.19%
FF7 12 14.29%
FF8 9 10.71%
FF9 16 19.05%
FF10 11 13.10%
other 7 8.33%
Paperboy_J said:
SammyGiireal said:

X was a fantastic game and the last real Final Fantasy. I was bummed that they did away with the world map but I felt that they got Tidus and Yuna's love story Right. I find their story much more convincing and superior to that of Squall and Rinoa in VIII.

WHAAAT you gotta be kidding.  Squall and Rinoa's was better because of the fact that they hated each other in the beginning.  Squall was a very unfriendly, uncaring guy, and the fact that Rinoa was the only one who could pull him out of that is what makes it a better love story.

But Tidus and Yuna always liked each other.  There was no ups and downs, no arguments, no turbulence in the relationship.  It was sappy as hell and not believable at all.

The whole *spoiler alert* GF thing hampering memories*Spoiler over* made FFVIII's plot pointless to me. Also I cried at the end of X....didn't shed a tear for Squall and Rinoa in the one space scene.

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Diogo said:
For me is IX. It is sad that we haven't had a good FF since X.

And we will never get a good one again...Sakaguchi leaving took away the spirit of the series. I seriously fear for the VII's remake.

8 best of the series for me.

Not a lot of love for XII for some reason. Having just platinumed it I do not understand why people hold it in lower regard than VII, X, VII, and IX. In fact, I just went through and replayed VII, X, and XII on PS4, getting platinum on all three games, so they're all fresh in my mind and all outstanding.

My ranking is as follows:

1 - VI - Not only my favorite FF game, but favorite game of all time. Flawless aside from some glitches.

2-4 - VII, X, XII - All three hold a tie for me, each with one flaw. VII is the shit graphics, X is the lack of exploration/world map (it's a big deal), and XII's story isn't the best.

5-6 - VIII, IX - Love both of these, too. VIII was a bit too melodramatic for me and he combat system was too easy to manipulate. IX seemed simple and had boring characters.

7-8 - IV, V - I only just played these two for the first time a few years ago but fell in love with them both. Wonderful stories and characters, but very simple gameplay

9 - I - Simple but it's a true classic. Still engaging to this day.

10 - XV - Had some real problems with the story in the second half as well as some problems with the battle system being simplistic, but I still really enjoyed 80% of this.

11-12 - II, III - Never finished them. Didn't hold my attention. Not bad, just meh.

13 - XIII - Not only the lowest on this list but my single most hated game of all time. I can rant for days about the failure of this game, and I have. I just think it's not only a bad game but an insult to the concept of games and a black mark on this franchise; I hate it more every time someone ranks it anything more than last place. I do not understand how anyone can enjoy this dumpster fire of a game while bashing the outstanding XII.

Having just gone back and replayed VII, X, and XII to completion onPS4, I was seriously considering doing full reviews for them for fun, but I figure the blokes here might take ire with that.

I got it all, baby! 

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That would be X.


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X and VIII are at the top.

1-2: X and VIII
3: XII
4: IV
5: XIV
6-8: VI and VII and XV


XIII. Screw the haters!

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9 is my most favorite.

I'll a rabnid Nintenboi, I have not playrd most of the newer ones, hoping the vii remake doesn't bung tge game up:
1. 6
2. 4
3. 1
4. 3 (on DS - only pkayed a little, maybe this deserves a higer spot than 1)
5. 8