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Forums - Politics Discussion - Was Hitler a Socialist?

Qwark said:
RolStoppable said:
The only people I have ever seen call Hitler or his party socialist, are people who were clearly right-leaning (as in, the range of very right to far right) and tried to make a point that the left is what brought the worst things to this world.

Whilst they only had to point out that the differences between Western and Eastern Germany and towards the Soviet Union to point out that extreme right and left suck balls equally hard. 

But if they did that, they couldn't make the point they were trying to make: That the political right is superior.

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JRPGfan said:
Nighthawk117 said:
Trump is a Capitalistic Nationalist. Nothing wrong with that.

The radical nationalism is what made Hitler such a monster.
You can draw certain parallels between trump and hitler.

They both blame immigrants for lack of jobs for the common folk, in order to gain popularity and win votes.
Promised to do something about all these immigrants on the behalf of the nation.

That situation with immigrant children caged and separated from mother/father... and no way of finding them again ect.
A more radical Trump would be a new hitler.

the-pi-guy said:

Hitler was a monster because he was a racist nationalist, not because he was a socialist.  

^ this.

Be careful with such a comparison. With the same logic someone could argue that a more radical Bernie sanders would be a new Lenin or Stalin. It's just a huge hyperbole and unhealthy for any discussion.

I don't think left and right is too simple to describe the political landscape. There are many political topics, and at each are often more than two different standpoints. And this can go different ways. For instance Hillary Clinton is pro war (oh yes, I know, pro military involvement for humanitarian reason - that's still pro war). This is a stance usually found in the political right. Still in many other topics Clinton has standpoints, which match more with the political left.

For Hitler the defining reason we remember him today was his extreme racism. The left was usually inclusive towards immigrants, both immigrant workers and local workers united against the capitalists. So in the defining point of Hitler they differ. If in other fields they may have overlapping opinions, it doesn't make Hitler a left-wing politician.

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Socialist in the same way most of Europe both then and now is socialist. Welfare existed and he didn't dismantle the German healthcare system so yes technically it's not completely incorrect but if Hitler was socialist because of a handful of popular or almost universal left wing policies then so is the USA because of public education and food stamps

Not really. A socialist wouldn't discriminate.

If you take away all the discrimincation againts non-Aryans and the disabled then he'd be a socialist, but he did discriminate, to an extreme degree.

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Hitler was a Hitler. Period. Trying to align him with one party or ideology over others is a baseless political move to score points with your own party/ideology. But more than that, it ignores that Hitler and others like him are not products of those parties or ideologies but are a party/ideology unto themselves.

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If Hitler were born in our time, he would probably call his party the German Populist Party or something, and praise Putin and Trump. Goebbels would be a masterful Facebook and Twitter sower of fake news.

He presented himself as opposition was to Globalism and Internationalism and everything else that could be deemed degenerate or non-German. Communists and Jews fit right into that. Mind you, back then the Jewish people weren't about a Zionist state praised by Evangelicals, but were perceived instead as some sort of Globalist Elite.

In some ways, as well, he longed for a return to Germany's Imperial ambitions, so he shared a certain anti-English and anti-French sentiment. Socially, he was well into what we call right-wing nowadays. Economically, he was a totalitarian statist. Much like Le Pen, he would be 100% called a member of the far-right or a right-wing populist despite these statist leanings.

No one in their right mind would call him left-wing, by the way, except for die-hard anti-communist populists on the right. Even those obviously know they are lying, and on all likehood have positive sentiments toward Hitler and his ilk.






*cough* People already said it but yeah, Hitler was a fervant Nationalist who expressedly used capitalism to achieve it's war economy.

We're certainly not talking about socialism here. But I guess the goal was to mislead people into false beliefs/knowledge of the political axis and it's meanings.

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the-pi-guy said: 

Hitler was a monster because he was a racist nationalist, not because he was a socialist.  

There are Rascist Nationalists around today, but I am just wondering who of these are leaders or control the country...

... Yeah, I checked. I just don't know if there are any of those in the US. I just don't know... 😉

"National Socialist" translates to Nationalsozialistischen So "Nazi" for short.

The Nazis weren't capitalist. They seized private property, mandated extensive state control in the economy, and loathed trade with nations that didn't share goals of the Nazi ethnostate.

Socialists seize private property, mandate extensive control in the economy, and loathe the existence of capitalist market societies.

I don't think all socialists are Nazis - but there's an undeniable similarities between the two that make it clear that Nazis were/are socialists.

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