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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predictions: Which game of Q4 2018 will disappoint the most?

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Battlefield V, Hitman 2 and Megaman 11

BFV shot itself several times before release already; Hitman 2, hype 0, will get totally drowned out this holiday season, Megaman 11... where's the NES look gone? Also, unless the Demo was on easy, the game is too easy for a Megaman title.

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Battlefield 5. They really dropped the ball with this one. Expect Battlefront numbers and less.

Fallout and Pokemon. Neither are what fans of each series wanted, neither does either look very good. They'll sell, but neither will be up to series standards.

Pokemon Let's Go, I'll still be picking this up day one as it looks good enough but i think the vast majority won't/don't think the same. A certain dissapointment.

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Megaman easily

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I didn't even remember Fallout 76 was coming

1. Pokemon. I'm getting LABO vibes all over this game. It'll sell based on the Pokemon name but what people expectation are going to be and what this game is going to deliver are going to be staggering.

2.Battlefield V. EA doesn't learn. After the Battlefront II fiasco you would think they would delay games to release complete games but when their incompetence starts bleeding into their mainline money makers, it'll finally be a problem for them...and it'll start with this game.

You forgot about Starlink

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I think expect to do poorly:

Battlefield V, Fallout 76, Hitman and Starlink and the one game that I think will do quite poorly - Just Cause 4.

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Fallout 76 and Pokemon lets Go would be my guesses.

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