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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Online can improve

d21lewis said:
Pemalite said:

Of course not. I live alone. (All single story houses with a ton of yard space here.)
Next to me is the fire station, you can guess the amount of noise that occurs every time I am called out to an emergency and the sirens go off.
A subwoofer is the least of anyone's concerns. Haha

I meant the people playing you online .I thought it'd be like talking to someone on speaker phone and hearing your own voice. 

Nah, not yet.
Microphones are pretty good at cancelling unnecessary background noises these days though.

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For the price they´re asking..... they could do just three simple things that would make pratically everyone satisfied:

1 - Voice chat on the console. A simple app working on the background would do.
2 - Offer SNES, N64 and GBA games, similar to what they did with the NES games
3 - Offer local back up for cloud save data on the Sd Card.


As a side note, I tried the voice chat using the smartphone app and it works ok but it does still feel a little cluncky, in my opinion.