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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Petition against Nintendo Switch Online Service

Have any petitions ever actually worked? Do these corporations even know they exist?

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I'm seeing that many of you haven't actually read the petition. This is not adressed to Nintendo. I know they won't listen even if millions of people signed it. I'm adressing it to you. I'm asking you for help because I know that only if we manage to get a significant number of people to not pay for this service we can have a decent chance of making Nintendo retract. I'm not even asking you to sign, signing is just a symbolic act in this case. I'm asking you, the Nintendo Switch owners, to not pay for this service.

I see other people saying that since its cheap, I shouldn't complain. It may be cheap, but my point still stands: it has always been free and Nintendo hasn't made anything to improve their online infrastructure. Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe don't run better than their Wii U counterparts. If their is any improvement, it's minimal. Errors are still something that many people experience with different levels of frecuency on Switch online.

Another point made is that the service offers other things like a classic videogame library, cloud saving and exclusive deals. In my petition I acknowledge this features and admit thay they may justify the service however, I still see two problems with these:

First, while this features are nice, many people may not be interested on them at all. Maybe they just want to play online. Why have they to pay for something they don't want? I think the correct thing to do would be keeping base online free and make a premium paid subscription that includes the NES games, exclusive deals and such. Then everyone has what they want.

Second, cloud saving. Remember what you used to do with Wii, Wii U, NDSi and 3DS to make sure you don't miss any data? You created backup copies. With an external device such as an SD card or a flash drive, you made a copy of your save files and then you didn't have to worry if your console breaks or gets stolen. The Switch has micro sd card compatibility, which means is able to do this very thing. However, Nintendo won't allow you. You cannot make backups of your save files. What can you do? I'll tell you what you can do: pay for cloud saving. Pay to be able to do something you could do before for free (again). If you're ok with this I'm fine, but I couldn't disagree more.

Well... Nintendo can limit their online services to those who pay.
They offer NES games during the subscription with online play.

I agree that cloud saves should not be a feature paid subscription, since there is afaik no other way to backup your save files. And thus is a pain in the ass for anyone when their hardware will break.

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I think $20 a year is a good option. Wish they would let you chat with people without using the app though. But someone mentioned "exclusive sales".
Will you be given special discounts when purchasing games from the online store if you subscribe?

Pachofilauri said: 
I know i will be probably reported or something, but people compare this service to the other consoles and i don't know why is this a bad thing. i don't own an xbox so i cant tell much about that, but i do own a PS+ account and is not like their servers are the best. Sure they have an easier way to connect and chat with other players, but for $40 more??? is not like is a better deal.

What I like about PS+ is mainly the discounted sales, and occasionally the free games. Because of that the subscription has paid for itself a few times considering the games I was going to buy anyway, but got notably cheaper or free. (Though the free games become unavailable once your subscription ends.)

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I don't play online these days. Reading your thing you saying I can't backup save files locally? I assumed they also stored on the cart lol?



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Cobretti2 said:
I don't play online these days. Reading your thing you saying I can't backup save files locally? I assumed they also stored on the cart lol?

No, you can't backup locally. All save files are stored on the system itself and it's not possible to copy data to a micro sd card

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Dulfite said:

Can one be intentionally ignorant?

I wasn't comparing it to Wii U, but Wii, to which switches online is far better. It also, in my opinion based on Mario Aces and Mario Kart, seems more stable than Wii U games by comparison.

Also, Nintendo announced a long time ago we would temporarily get free internet until some other things launched, so we never should have gotten used to this being free, but rather viewed it as a free trial ( a long one).

The petition I jokingly suggested was more or less just that; a joke. That being said, if more money meant better features, I'd totally be willing to pay more.

Also, no need to throw insults. I'm not going to do the same to you. Have a pleasant day.

What do you mean intentionally ignorant? It literally does not matter in the slightest if you were comparing it to the Wii or the Wii U (I didn't say you compared it the U), because the Wii U did exist and it did have pretty decent online. It doesn't make me ignorant to compare it the U, on the contrary, it makes you ignorant to create a fallacy like "but but but the Wii!" as if there wasn't already a system with free online that was better (well ... besides you know ... a PC).  

I have played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online. It is not much better at all. And Splatoon 2's online even has a lot of the same problems as 1 (Lobby constantly getting kicked out, game freezing and ending, etc). It even has a worse tick rate than Splatoon had (only 16hz), 30% slower. 

I never said that I thought it was always free? Don't know where you got that. 

I didn't throw insults. Haha. You need to rethink what you consider an insult than, because you said "I'm not going to do the same to you", but then called me intentionally ignorant. So either we both "threw insults" (honestly silly) or we both didn't.

I wasn't calling you intentionally ignorant, I was responding to your comment from the previous post which I thought was implying that I was intentionally ignorant, to which I was denying. Again, I was never calling you ignorant, but was responding to this line from your previous post, which felt insulting to me, "It seems to me like you are just purposefully being ignorant to try and have a blissful result. "

The Wii U was definitely better than the Switch but didn't give access to free games with new multiplayer capabilities or cloud saves. 

I never called you intentionally ignorant nor did I insult you. You called me ignorant, on the other hand. Again, I was responding to the line about how you said I was being "purposefully ignorant." I was denying that saying no one can be that, because to be ignorant means you are unaware (I'm using the word you here in a general sense), and no one can be intentionally unaware.

I have a feeling there is some communication errors going on here.

I want to boycott this service...Smash is making that hard however...

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This is pretty sad. Better get petitions for Sony and Xbox as well, because they also delete your cloud saves as space is needed when your sub lapses, and yet cost three times as much.

Vodacixi said:

I decided that what Nintendo is doing with its online decisions is wrong. And it's harmful for us the consumers. That's why I initiated this petition. Not for Nintendo. For you. I want you to help yourselfs and everyone with a Nintendo Switch to take back what have always been ours. In the petition I explain with more detail why I'm asking you to NOT PAY for the Nintendo Switch Online System on September 18th.

And if you don't agree with me, that's fine. But if you are with me on this one, please spread this petition everywhere you can. Thank you.

Late. The date to do so was with the 360. The online payment is already part of the industry. 

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