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Forums - Sony Discussion - Shenmue I & II Discussion [Spoilers]

So just finished playing Shenmue 1 & 2 on PS4 and platinuming both. Firstly yes,, they are old games and alot of the systems in them are antiquated, the controls arent very good, voice acting is terrible, the sound is poor and the graphics... well I dont think there that bad for a almost 20 year old game. But I loved it, I played these games on the Dreamcast and been waiting 20 years (almost) to play them again! it would be hard to recommend them to someone new to the series, due to the things I mentioned, but for someone like me who has just been waiting to revisist this revolutionary classic, I loved it.

But playing it again after so long a time ago, plus I was in my teens the first time I played them, there was so many things story wise I missed out on :O


1) Lan Di is Lishao Tao's (Xiuying) brother (by my reckoning), in some of the flashbacks he has a mark under his left eye, where Lan Di's scar is. She mentions her brother heading off to seek revenge on someone killing their father. Later mentioned by Yuanda Zhu that Lan Di's father was murdered and by Iwao Hazuki (not confirmed he murdered him) and thats where the mirrors came from. Also why she is trying to steer Ryo onto a different path to her brother, who became a villain.

2) the whole story seems to point to how revenge is bad, and a path of Evil, basically Ryo is doing exactly what Lan Di did. Seeking revenge, and why I suspect he has the plaster under his left eye, a nod to how he reflects Lan Di and there is a scar under there :O


Mind blown :O


Cant wait to play 3!!!

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I wasn't fancying playing them but since 3 is coming I want to have a go due to all the praise they got

God bless You.

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I've been debating whether I should play them or not. The graphics are just so bad I'm not sure I'll be able to get past them. Maybe the PC community will do some modding and help do Sega's job.

I played the first one on dreamcast when it came out and it was a great game.

Never played the first but i remember liking the second, but back then i wasn't thoroughly annoyed by QTE's yet. Going to pick it up the recent release and play them right before the 3rd one

Shenmue 3 should compete with Kazuya gameplaywise so i hope they're up to the task.