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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MH Generations VS MH World.


Which is better?

I haven't played both games. 8 19.51%
World 17 41.46%
Generations Ultimate. 12 29.27%
They are both just as good. 4 9.76%

I'm enjoying MHGH, while recognizing a lot of areas where simple improvements could be made. With the Switch more in line with previous home console specs, there's no reason that the next "portable" MH can't take some of the QoL improvements from World and create the true "Ultimate" MH experience.

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I have yet to play Gen, but I've found similar things to what you've said about World. The QOL improvements are nice, but I find myself not really caring too much about them. Beyond that, I really don't actually like the scoutfly system for monsters (it is nice for items), and I feel that the areas in maps lost some of their identity leading me to become lost far more than in other MH games. I think Ancient Forest in particular is far too busy of a map and I really don't like fighting in a lot of its zones. I also agree that multi-monster fights suck. I usually just don't even bother with them until I am overleveled and then go back and destroy them with an overleveled team. The armor also feels like it offers far less in the way of customization and far less in the way of encouragement to utilize full sets (at least up to the 80ish hour mark) leading me to mostly run with weird abomination-esque sets which certainly don't tickle my Fashion Hunter itch.

The monsters themselves I don't have too many qualms about. Maybe I could complain about difficulty spikes. Like, most monsters are wicked easy and then every once in a while there is a much tougher monster thrown in, but that doesn't bother me too much. The flying monsters are annoying, but I've been running with HBG primarily so I'm not too bothered (although part of the reason for that is because of a few particularly annoying LS fights).

I'll probably eventually give Gen a shot on Switch, but first I'll have to buy a Switch...

World, because it represents the series finally escaping nearly a decade of being held back by the weaker-than-Wii hardware of the 3DS.

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-_- Okay I might have to give this one to World. There just aren't any hunters on MHGU. It is very frustrating. I'm going to shelf this one until after December when Smash forces everybody to buy Switch Online. Until then it's a desert.

the next Mh worldesque release in the future will be better.

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Generations is ultimately an anachronism; a port of a 3DS game that was meant to be a closing compilation of the PS2/PSP/Wii/3DS era of the series.

It's backwards looking by design, even more now that World has taken the series forward to the next level. It's like if, after Breath of the Wild, Nintendo released a Skyward Sword HD that was just the Wii game in 1080p.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

I’m playing both of them simultaneously and I like Generations a bit more than World. World does have a lot of quality of life changes that I wish were present in world but Generations has way more options and gets to the point quicker. I’ve never cared about the story in MH, I just want to get into the action. Both great games though.