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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 48 minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Looks Ok.

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That looks insane. And it has plenty of things that are unique and super cool, so many small details! Utterly amazed by this, this is the best gameplay demo I've seen since Half-Life 2 took my breath away back in the day!

To repeat comment from YT video:

"Todd Howard will call for an emergency board meeting tomorrow."

Combat looks okay but not really special. I hope having a companion isn't a constant. I hate companions. I don't like this Jackie guy. It's obvious he's going to betray you, anyway.

NPC crowd pathing looks fantastic. Believable crowds is something games usually fail at.

John2290 said:
They are really, really concerned about letting us know it a WIP, don't wanna loose that hype.

As for the demo, It wasn't mind blowing but that's because I knew what was voming and just waiting for it to play out. Regardless, this is genre defining, no one has refined the FPS RPG to this level, especially open world, Dues Ex is right to take the break as it males it look like utter trash and Bethesda should be worried, they have already been upped on open world fantasy and are now being upped on open world gunplay in their RPGs, and not only that but they are actually quality games to the core that would stand up with the most singularly focused of genres, they truly have no excuse to give us broken games with little polish and throw a base 'finished' game to the modding community to fix the broken mess. CDPR are what Bethesda once was and the some.

CDPR are what Bethesda wish they were but never have been, in my opinion. My god, this has such immense potential, and the scale and scope is just unlike anything ever made.

Agree with the above on companions though, it's bound to be mandatory in certain missions, it seems, but I prefer to go solo.

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The city, the game world, is unbelievable. Amazing work.

And to think that some of us were worried about they would be able to take care of the gunplay...

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Boring and really nothing special

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
I expected more because people who saw E3 demo hyped this like the second coming of christ or something, nothing blew me away that my head exploded, i am sure i wil love it but i expected a little more. this is more like deus ex fucks GTA and they had a child.

This was exactly my reaction. The YouTube commentator "YongYea" got to see the coveted gameplay at E3 and basically said it was the best fucking thing since women started wearing yoga pants.

My reaction? It looked about right in line from what you'd expect. Guns, options, more guns and cars.

The trailer really didn't grab me until towards the end where she's hanging on the walls with the "mantis claws", but that only lasted for less than a minute...

Other than the unique setting, nothing about this game - so far, has convinced me that this is going to be the end all be all of open world games. And I can honestly say with confidence that judging by the press' E3 reaction - they were talking out of their ass. It looks good, but not godly...

Not sure what to think, but at least it has tits. So we're good.

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Looks promising, but every time I hear about this game I just think about my friend who is boycotting it because of no third-person, lol. (In his defense, he gets motion sickness in FP games and not TP, and they did say originally that this would have the option to switch)