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Forums - Politics Discussion - US Senator John McCain has died at age 81



Rest in Peace Mr. McCain, While politically we may have differed, he is a true American hero. I truly believed he always did what he thought was right in the US senate, politician like him will be missed. Its quite shocking to see him die so soon after announcing he will no longer receive treatment.


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Rest in Peace, soldier.

He was a pretty shitty person throughout his political career but I guess he can rest in peace.

He was one of the few politicians who would speak against his party when he thought they were in the wrong. I respect that.

Heck, I probably would have voted for him as President had he been able to select a credible VP candidate.

Couldn't have happened soon enough. Good riddance. One less neo-conservative warmonger in Congress to terrorize people around the world.


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RIP, he was one Republican I could respect.

Not sure how I would react to this news, hopefully a Berniecrat will run for his seat.

Proud to be a Californian.

Well at least he killed Hans Gruber and saved Christmas before he died... shame though, I'm not too good at remembering politicians, especially 'murican ones since it doesn't really concern me, but it's always sad when someone dies, and from what I know he seemed pretty respected for being outspoken and stuff too, don't see much of that happening these days.

Sad to see someone like him go... seems like we need more of that type, not less.

Also was hard to watch the "fake news" factory attempt to make his last year or two as miserable as they could with completely fabricated accusations that a disturbing number of people bought into at the behest of their orange overlord.

Really, I was mostly apathetic towards him throughout much of my life, but his approach to politics now seems unusual to the point that I fear his kind are an endangered species. Breaking ranks on occasion from the party line has become so uncommon that hardly anything can get done.

Rest in Peace, Mr. McCain. Your contributions throughout your military and political career will be remembered. Best wishes to your family during this time.

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