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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sales milestones the PS4 will reach and/or surpass by the end of the year

The PS4's selling really well, it's already outsold the PSP and GBA, meaning it's next contenders are the PS3 and 360. So lets have a run down on what milestones it will reach in general by January 2019. I should mention that I expect about 92 million-ish sales by January..

  • It will surpass the 360 in November.
  • It will surpass the PS3 a couple of weeks later.
  • It will sell over 30 million in NA this year.
  • It will sell over 35 million in Europe this year.
  • It will become the second best selling game console ever outside the 3 major markets behind the PS2.
  • It will become the 6th best selling console hardware ever.
  • It will sell over 900 million software units.
These are all pretty major achievements for one year. I may have missed some. Mad really.

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It's too much and to close to celebrate each =p

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Wow. That is a lot of obscure milestones. But good to know. 😊. I am hoping they beat 94M myself.

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Some fun stats for the VGChartz types. Next year will be the mainstream hype numbers. 2019 will see 100 Million PS4's Sold, 1 Billion Software Units Sold.

At any rate, I look forward to celebrating these events, especially passing 360 and PS3!

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