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The PS4's selling really well, it's already outsold the PSP and GBA, meaning it's next contenders are the PS3 and 360. So lets have a run down on what milestones it will reach in general by January 2019. I should mention that I expect about 92 million-ish sales by January..

  • It will surpass the 360 in November.
  • It will surpass the PS3 a couple of weeks later.
  • It will sell over 30 million in NA this year.
  • It will sell over 35 million in Europe this year.
  • It will become the second best selling game console ever outside the 3 major markets behind the PS2.
  • It will become the 6th best selling console hardware ever.
  • It will sell over 900 million software units.
These are all pretty major achievements for one year. I may have missed some. Mad really.