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Forums - General Discussion - Leaving for college in two days... any words of wisdom?

Tagging for later. Have lots of advice to give, but can't tell you now as I'm too busy at work.

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melbye said:
Don't waste your time on the humanities

That's why I wanted to go into my first year undecided, just to have some opportunities open, however, for me, I'm not too worried about doing history because the part of the US that I live in in constantly building new schools so the job market for teachers is actually quite good where I live, and teaching is what I want to do with that degree. 

But thank you for your advice regardless, I'm definitely taking it into consideration.

Bit early isn't it?

-I'd recommend taking the first semester a bit easy.  College is very different from high school, and having an easier start will make it a bit easier to transition into it.  Although that isn't really a challenge for everyone.

-Make sure to take advantage of electives.  Take the most interesting/fun ones.  If you want to learn a language on the side, starting at the beginning is a lot more beneficial than starting when you're almost done.

-Don't procrastinate. 

It's your chance to start Fresh and have the grades you've always aimed for.

Forget Guys/Girls, connections and grades are all you need.

Most importantly don't be a drone,have your own opinions and be proud of them. 

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1. Plan ahead with your elective courses. I did a minor in Finance with mine. Don't waste them on useless courses.

2. Have fun but don't overdo it. Keep a balance with study and social life.

3. If you can, go to the gym. It's a great way to relieve stress and meet other people.

4. Join a club at your university (the more related to your major the better). It's a great way to network with other people inside and out of campus.

5. Don't let things for last. Study and do your assignments with anticipation.

Been studying for a year now. I just got to say that it’s important to work with school every day, but it’s also important to take break with gaming to unstress and disconnect a little.

Also, you’ll get homesick. The best thing to do about it is to do something, anything. Gaming, watch a movie, bake some muffins. The worst you can do when homesick is to sit around and think.

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If the career doesn't suit you or you feel off on day 3, change careers...

Epic was right all along... 

As a bachelor in history, I'd say read everyday. It is important to get in that reading rythm, as you will get a lot of reading assignments (which are quite too often boring as hell). Also, read more than is acquiered. History is about understanding, not just repeating what they tell you. Get some texts or books about the same subjects but with different theories and try to position yourself in that debate. Every generation rewrites its own history, so don't be reluctant to pick up some oldtimers like Huizinga, von Ranke, Febvre, Bloch etc... (you will probably have to read them anyway), to really understand the tendencies of history. You won't get through History in college if you don't have passion for it and like to write (and re-write).

As for the dorm, I have no clue. I just reside in an appartment near the citycampus.

TranceformerFX said:
Poliwrathlord said:

I will be leaving for college in two days and will be living on campus for my first year at least. I'm going in freshman year undecided for my major but at this point I'm leaning towards a Bachelor's in History and trying to do a five year Master's in Education Administration, with hopes of eventually becoming a principal of a high school or an administrator at a university after teaching for 5-10 years. My financial situation isn't too bad; I've received the second highest level of scholarship my school hands out and my parents have set aside a decent chunk of money to help me out and of course I have student loans and plan on working part time. I'm also going there with my best friend from high school and we will be sharing a dorm together along with three other freshman who we've gotten to talk to.


Just wanted to know if any of you older more experienced fellows had any advice or words of wisdom for me. 

My ex-wife was a teacher for a private school for 2 years in WY, then a teacher for a public school in IL for a year. She quit teaching after that and is now working for an Investment Company in UT and is about to acquire her CFA.


Her advice to me at the time was...



She regrets ever wanting to be a teacher, and feels she wasted not only her effort, but also years that could have been better spent in a different field. She said being a teacher in this day and age is nothing more than being a glorified baby sitter - and that parents are as equal to blame for shitty students because the parents think that the teachers are in the wrong.


Pursuing Teaching will be about as fruitful as pursuing Gender Studies. And only gullible liberal idiots pursue the latter...

I agree. I've got teachers in my family.

I'm not saying that it's the case of our OP, but many have a romantic view of school teaching. The truth is: it's babysitting. The students are your boss, there's no discipline, they don't want to learn, they don't see the point in learning, parents defend them more than the teachers. Unless you're going to teach in a military school or in a upper class boarding school, you're just a babysitter. 

God bless You.

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