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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does anyone still think smash ultimate is a port?

Before the most recent direct I noticed a few people on this site claiming that the game was definitely a port. Since the direct ended I have heard very little about it being a port. If you thought it was a port have you changed your mind? If so why? If not why?

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Depends on how many of the assets are reused.

It's a port of Sakurai's desire to bring absolute quality into a videogame.

areason said:
Depends on how many of the assets are reused.

It’s a port of every smash game. 

i dont see why it should be a port, i mean they clearly modify a lot of assets, they add new stages and caracters. i mean, by this point if you think that SSBU is a port, then any sport game should be a port of the game that came out the year before...

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I never thought it was a port, but based on the presentation that we had at e3, I believed that it was less of a new game than previous installments. After the recent direct, those thoughts are gone. I think the way they decided to reveal the game at e3 was just really bad.


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It sits somewhere between a port, a remaster, and an expansion. Definitely not a new game like past Smash titles were.

Having checked out some of the tournaments posted by Nintendo online, I can definitely say it's not a port.

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I don't but the devs shouldn't muddy the waters with nonsensical definitions of what a port is and what a new entry is.