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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Ultimate Direct August 8th 2018 announced at Evo

killeryoshis said:
New Smash direct? You know what that means! New Character reveal! I wonder who it is? Also this direct is so soon. We have like 4 months to go. Are they planning a Smash Direct every month or something? Must be big if they can't wait until later to reveal whatever they want to reveal.

Well, it's been about two months since the last one which technically wasn't a smash direct even if it was.  I'm guessing this one will be more focused on different modes since the last one takes about all the characters.  My guess on a character reveal would be a character from Arms or Xenoblade 2.  Seems like the obvious choices, but maybe they'll surprise us with something out of left field.

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I was watching when they announced it, that was so hype. For a moment I actually thought they'd have some kind of micro direct right then and there with a character trailer and I freaked out. Then I realized they couldn't really interrupt a tournament for that long but I was still pretty pumped. I'm hoping we get at least one new character, some new stages, maybe even an official announcement of ALL the stages being there, and in particular the modes. I know a new story mode is probably asking for too much, but at least an adventure mode. I'm hoping we get unique break the target courses for all the characters, I don't care how many there are, I want that so much.

Lol at all the people still so pissed off about Smash being the main event at E3 that they felt they needed to come in and shit on our parade. If you don't like it, move on and let us be hyped in peace, thank you very much. Like really, if you were at a video game club, and some people were playing Mario Kart, some people were playing Halo, and some people were playing Fortnite, and you like Mario Kart and Halo but hate Fortnite, are you going to go over to the people playing Fortnite and tell them all how much you hate it? That'd be fucking weird, and they'd be completely justified to tell you to go play one of the other games and stop shitting on their fun.

Time for Goku to show up.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I am fully expecting this direct to focus on modes, outside of a new character or two.Be them online and what it has in store for it, or regular modes, thats going to be the focus.As for a full fledged story mode, I dont think it will be shown here, if it exists at all.For as much as I want one, they NEED to keep stuff conceiled for a guaranteed future direct that will have Smash content on it, and that would be the perfect stuff to show for it, to give that one last huge Hurrah!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

If Sakurai wants to show more at a separate direct, have little to no doubt that there will be more than just what was previously shown. Why are we questioning what’s left to announce? All they did was show a few gameplay mechanic changes, stages, GameCube and amiibo compatibility, 8-player Smash, about half the list of assist trophies, Pokemon, and that everyone is back with Inkling, Daisy, and Ridley joining in. There is more that is unknown like online, more multiplayer features, single player, trophies and achievements, and other extra modes. Regardless of your opinions on the games, but they’re packed with content outside of characters and stages.

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*eagerly watching the calendar* :D

And remember guys! Bill Trinen, long-time Nintendo employee who translates for Miyamoto and others and is part of marketing, said back at E3 that everything was NOT gonna be unveiled at E3 and they’ll show more in the coming months.

I don't care too much about characters now that every veteran is confirmed, just give me Fountain of Dreams and Subspace, please!

I’m getting really tired of hearing about Smash when Switch is having such a AAA drought. My favorite pick for a character would be skullkid though.

Not too interest in this Direct but curious to see new characters reveals, also this probably means that next regular Direct (most likely September one) want be Smash heavy.