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Forums - General Discussion - Turn for the worse

I've touched on it here time to time, but from birth I was dealt a pretty bad hand with health related issues that stack on top of one another for a rough time.  Essentially much of what majority of people's organs do involuntarily mine have all sorts of issues.  Recently my health issues landed me back in the hospital and it is unfortunately quite serious.  Due to damage over the years it gets harder for my body to bounce back when it fails.  Despite trying my hardest to stay in shape to extend my expectancy this is something I've had to live with since childhood and only so much I can do.

I don't post this to be grim or attention seeking, but if I cease coming on here, well, you'll know why.

Hopefully that's not the case and be back. I want to encourage everyone to enjoy life, try to be positive, and value your health and time.  

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Dang, that sucks for you and Augen. I hope you get better soon.

You are still very strong to get this far and accomplish so much from what I can tell with your fitness posts.

Damn, that's awful to hear. Don't what to say other than take care of yourself as well as you can

I'm sorry to hear that. You do sound like a fighter though, so hopefully you'll get better and we'll see you here again soon!

Hope you can get back up.

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I'm really sorry to hear that, and I hope you can recover and get better.

Psh. Gotta remind you that you and Augen still have to come here and drink some coffee, courtesy of sweet home stranded islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So show that body who's the boss and get back up.

On a more serious note, it is a shitty hand to be dealt with. Remain positive; life is unfair, but you can always grab the bull by the horns every single time he tries to thrust. Persevering amidst adversity is difficult, but you're a capable person. Can't honestly know how it feels, but never doubt that you still have many, many years ahead to experience, in spite of the pain. Keep the flames on, enjoy life's every second.

Man, don't say stuff like that. You'll get better, if you'll accept I'll pray for you. You stay positive yourself, stress only makes things worse. Keep going, you'll make it!

Hope you get better, and beat the odds.

I dont know you, but I hate to hear bad news, especially about health, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you recover and come back even stronger than before.