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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever had your games stolen from you?


Have you ever had your games stolen from you? If yes, what was the closest dollar value?

Yes. $10 0 0%
Yes. $20 0 0%
Yes. $50 3 15.00%
Yes $100 2 10.00%
Yes $200 1 5.00%
Yes $300 1 5.00%
Yes $400 0 0%
Yes $500 0 0%
Yes over $500 4 20.00%
No, never. 9 45.00%
DroidKnight said:
Interesting topic. The Humans on Game Boy, the year was 1992. It was a bus band trip to Austin for a State Marching Band contest, 8 hour bus ride in which we were mainly holding Tetris battles. You could connect the Game Boys together and as long as each person had a Tetris game you could link the Game Boys together and 2 player Tetris. Anywho, we would exchange games with each other and I ended up short.

Seem like those chair plays with music that there is always one missing and someone will stand.

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Yes, my entire collection at that time was stolen while I was at school and my family was at work. Some robbers broke a window and stole videogames. All my Gamecube games, PS2 games, GBA games, and consoles. They even took my Gameboy Pocket! At the time it would probably been well over $400 worth of games and consoles. The strangest thing about that robbery was that they took a box of ramen noodles. I guess robbing people makes you hungry.

I never had a game stolen from me before, but I did get my PS2, Wii, and 360 stolen.



Pokemon Platinum... Now it costs like $100 to get a new copy.

A guy (wasn't even a friend of mine, just a friend of my cousins) broke my Shadow Man PS1 disc, one of my favourites games of my childhood. Never had the opportunity to play it again.

EDIT: Now I'm trying to buy a copy on ebay

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Not a game but ingame items for Rocket League. Fell for a trade scammer that got into my account and sent my most expensive items to his own account. Psyonix refused to reverse the trade even though they admitted that it looked fraudulent.

If I had to guess I'd say those were items with a combined worth of at least $100. Not that I would sell my own items but that would've been the cost to get them back. I'm over it now and learned a few lessons along the way.

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TheBird said:
Pokemon Platinum... Now it costs like $100 to get a new copy.

For real? :O

I have like 3 copies of Platinum!

Never. My old friends were good people.

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I made the mistake of lending out my Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction back in 7th or 8th grade. The guy I gave it to claimed that the disc got stuck in his CD-ROM and he couldn't retrieve it, to later on claim he had lost it. I got another copy, but ever lent out anything to this one ever again.

Otherwise, I've been incredibly anal about getting my games back from various people I had them lent out to.

Pokemon Silver...
My "best friend" at the time just stole it and denied doing that.