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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best of the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy


The best is...

Crash Bandicoot 1 4 16.00%
Cortex Strikes Back 7 28.00%
Crash 3 Warped 14 56.00%

Crash 3 Warped is one of my favorite games of all time. So I pick that.

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Crash 3: Warped. Not only did it have the most variety and creativity in it's level design, but Coco was finally playable, the villains were given bigger personalities, and we had Clancy Brown's badass performance as Uka Uka. :D

I played through all of them in order just last week. (None of this start with 3 weakling nonsense).

My favourite is definitely 3. Crash 1 is hard in a Mega Man 1 kinda a way where deaths are cheap and plentiful. It is bottomless pits galore. Crash 2 is better but is still cheap in a few places but the level design is better. Crash 3 has some really great levels and I like all the vehicle levels except for the motorcycle ones. (It plays much worse than Mario Kart). Also, Crash 3 has no cheap deaths so the experience never feels frustrating.

Also no I do not like Crash 3 the most because it was easy. The original creators of Crash had no clue how to make a hard platformer without being cheap. If you want to play a hard platformer that is not cheap. Get the Donkey Kong Country games or get play Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. Those game are proper ways on how to make a hard platformer.

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I only played Warped on PS1 as a kid, so I have to vote that. I have played the first in the N Sane Trilogy and the design in that game really infuriates me. 2 and 3 are such a big improvement.

Crash 1 was impossible when I played it in Uncharted 4, so I guess I will have to go with the one I had most fun with which is Crash Warped.

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#2. It's the one with Polar so how can I say anything else?

Crash Bandicoot 2 has always been my favorite of the 3 games thanks to its superior levels and atmosphere.

Crash 2 is my favorite, it has most of what is good from the 3rd game, but is more difficult and doesn't have as many annoying gimmick levels.

I'm not a fan of the underwater or jetski levels in crash 3.

Though with the remake the first game is really improved and could make a case also, it was my least favorite by far, but now with the few changes they made... it's pretty great.

2 has always been my favourite, followed by the original. The save system in the first one never bothered me, but I did get frustarted by having to get all the boxes without dying a few times. I do like the third but it never grabbed me like the first two.

Vini256 said:
Zkuq said:
I think I like the first one the most after fixing the save system. Saving was horrible in the original game but just fine in N. Sane Trilogy. After that, I think I like the third game the most. The second one is good as well, but something feels a bit off to me.

In which order did you originally play them in? Because my introduction to the series was with the third game (Technically it was the first one, but I was really young at the time), and when I came back to play the second one it kinda felt... weird? I don't know if it's the smaller warp room or maybe the various ice levels it has, but it definitely felt off to me for a long time. It almost felt like I was playing an earlier version of Crash 3 or something. I've really been warming up to it recently though.

I think I played them in the order they were released. I'm not 100% sure about 2 and 3, but I'm pretty sure I played them in order too.