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Won't think about it for the moment and the games you put shall be ps4

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piopakk said:

What do you think should or will be the next Playstation launch lineup.

  • Horizon zero dawn 2
  • God of war 2
  • The Last of Us 2 (Cross gen)
  • Next gen Gran Turismo


Horizon 2 and TloU2 only from that list. GT will just get a visual update for GT Sport. GoW2 will come 2nd year. That is my guess.

I would think at least one of those would be a launch exclusive, with at least one more being a year 1 title. I imagine Sony intends to delay launching PS5 for as long as they can so that a) they can get good hardware out at a comfortable price range, and b) have time for one of their WWS to put out a genuine AAA title at launch, and not a couple tech demos like Knack and KZSF were.

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DonFerrari said:
Won't think about it for the moment and the games you put shall be ps4

Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield were already confirmed next-gen by Bethesda.

Ka-pi96 said:
Knack 3 + a bunch of already released on PS4 3rd party games. Basically the same as the PS4 launch lineup was

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I'd start to temper your expectations if I were you. Launches in the HD era are always thin on the ground.

As far as the launches themselves go, here's what we got for the PS3 and PS4:

12 retail game launch.
- 1x medium-to-large exclusive new IP (Resistance).
- 3x minor Japanese games (Ridge Racer, Genji, Gundam).
- 4x annual sports titles (your NBAs, NHLs, and the like).
- 2x annualised non-sports titles (Call of Duty, Marvel game (substitute for LEGO nowadays).
- 2x minor western third party releases.

15 retail game launch.
- 1x medium-to-large exclusive (Killzone).
- 1x minor exclusive new IP (Knack).
- 4x annualised sports titles, cross-gen releases (NBA, Madden, FIFA).
- 7x annualised medium-to-large franchises, cross-gen (CoD, Battlefield 4, AC, etc.).
- 2x additional ports (Injustice, Angry Birds ^^).
- ~10 digital titles.

So as far as retail releases at launch, we're looking at:
- Roughly a dozen retail titles.
- One medium-to-big exclusive at launch (with another one or two to follow in the first year).
- Possibly one smaller exclusive new IP at launch too.
- All of the major annual sports franchises, cross-gen ( FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, etc.).
- All of the major annual non-sports franchises, cross-gen (CoD, LEGO, Battlefield/Battlefront (whichever is due that year), Assassin's Creed, etc.)
- On top of that, probably a small number of third party ports from the current gen with token improvements that claim to 'take advantage of the new features and increased power of the new console'.
- A brand new but content-light third party launch title if we're lucky.
- Plus however many digital-only smaller titles are ready for launch.

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I would say Sony should get at least two 1st party titles ready for launch and save the others for later. You want to have something between the Vita's launch lineup and the PS4's launch lineup in terms of quality and quantity. My guesses of what the PS5's launch titles will be are:

  • Keiichiro Toyama's (Gravity Rush series) new title - Gravity Rush 2 was released in January 2017. A late 2020 launch will give Toyama nearly 4 years.
  • Gran Turismo 7 - GTS has provided a solid foundation and Kaz Yamauchi doesn't need to start from scratch nor switch to a different architecture.
  • Horizon 2 - A late 2020 launch will be over 3.5 years removed from Horizon's launch and 3 years removed from The Frozen Wilds' launch. I don't expect it to be out when the PS5 releases, but an early 2021 release date is likely, imo.

Horizon 2 on launch day, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War 2 within a year after launch. Also, assuming the PS5 has PS4 Backwards Compatibility all big PS4 exclusives should get a PS5 Enhanced patch to take advantage of the PS5's power. Bump up the resolution and framerate to 4K/60FPS if possible, and if there's still power left maybe some small graphical tweaks like better shadows and better draw distance could be added as well. PS4 games which launch close to the PS5 (Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding) should get the biggest PS5 Enhanced patches.

the only one i would say for sure is horizon zero dawn 2, as if ps5 will release 2020 it could fit perfect that timeframe

agree with a lot of what others have already said. if it's holiday 2020, Horizon 2 I think will be ready as the big launch game. Hopefully Sony give Polyphony a kick up the arse and they will have GT7 (with a proper campaign) early 2021. I think there will then be a Japan Studio game and God of War 2 as the big 2021 game.

my less realistic hopes are that Bloodborne 2 has been greenlit and might be in pre-production or early production, and likewise, Fumito Ueda's new game at Gen Design will be a PS5 exclusive and launch year game.