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Of the two, if Sony were to acquire just one of them, who would you prefer?

Bluepoint 12 63.16%
Housemarque 7 36.84%
Bristow9091 said:
hinch said:

^ Michael Mumbauer (a former studio head and senior director of internal Sony team Visual Arts), in his Linkedin page states that he has put together ‘a brand new, all-star, AAA action/adventure development team for PlayStation’. from Metro.

So naturally there's a lot of speculation where this studio was made for Uncharted. I don't think SIE will give Bend the reigns for the UC series, and considering how well Days done has done. The same team are most likely working on Days Gone sequel.

Did we ever get sales numbers for Days Gone? 

Unfortunately can't see any numbers from my brief look on Google. The only indicator was hinted at

and 9m players who've played it game on PS4 -

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MGS cast reuniting for a unknown project. From David Hayters Twitter -

People involved in the zoom call

David Hayter - Solid Snake
Debi Mae West - Meryl Silverburgh
Robin Atkin Downes - Kazuhira Miller
Christopher Randolph - Otacon/Huey
Tasia Valenza - Sniper Wolf
Cam Clarke - Liquid Snake
Paul Eiding - Roy Campbell
Josh Keaton - Major Ocelot
Lori Alan - The Boss
Jennifer Hale - Naomi Hunter

MGS remake incoming, me thinks :)

Control and Destruction All-Stars are going to be February's PS Plus games :o

Just found out that the PS5 doesn't allow for game save data to be backed up to USB. I HOPE this will be patched in the immediate future, because tying save backups to a subscription service do I put this...complete fucking bullshit. Not holding my breath though. Looks like Sony copied Nintendo again!

This has been another episode of Coktoe complains about things that are wrong with Playstation in the Playstation Nation thread.

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PlayStation Plus Games For February Announced!

So for February we'll be getting the following games;

- Control: Ultimate Edition

- Concrete Genie

- Destruction AllStars

Honestly I feel like this is one of the strongest months we've seen in quite a while, I already own Concrete Genie and I absolutely adored it! As for Control I was waiting until I got a PS5 to buy the Ultimate Edition, and Destruction AllStars caught my attention from the first time I saw it... nice to see what is basically two PS5 games this month... I'm already building a backlog! :P 

What do you guys think about this month's offerings? Yay, nay or... something else, lol.

Here's a link to the PlayStation Blog post;

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I look forward to both the PS4 games. I want to play both of them.

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Great one for me.. I skipped Control on PC, but now I can play Ultimate edition on PS5 for nothing :) Also want to try out Destruction All-Stars.

Easily one of the best PS+ months, for sure. Control is one of those games I've been curious about but not curious enough to buy it. Now I will have it! MUAHAHA!

Too bad my backlog is so big it might not be 2022 until I actually give it a shot.

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Hoping Sony green lights concrete genie 2 and meta's higher . This game seems innocent and lovable, will try it and nice addition to plus.

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So, PS+ Feb nets a fantastic SP game (plus its expansions), a potentially great/awesome MP game, and... Concrete Genie.

As long as Control is being spread far and wide, I'm happy for its success. There's that annoying dynamic between cheering the game's success and spitting on 505's obnoxiousness that I hate considering though. Why must even up-n-coming 3rd parties resort to that shit?