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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Gaming under the influence

I guess I'll soon find out if I can still game under the influence. Pot was legalized in Canada 2 days ago, however in Ontario it's online order only until next April. So I'm waiting for Canada post to deliver my first legal weed purchase since I left the Netherlands in '02. Incidentally I ordered the same stuff I used to buy in Amsterdam.

From what I remember gaming while high is fun and highly destructive to your save games. I've found my games the next day saved in a dangerous spot with 1 health left and all med packs in the area already used. Vaguely remember running in circles in the same couple rooms not being able to figure out how to go further, or grinding against walls in racers. Everquest was extremely scary while stoned, yet I'm sure going to try VR after baking some goodies :) I'll avoid GT Sport online though, don't want to ruin my reputation.

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I remember drinking would improve my Guitar Hero performance for a while but after 4-5 drinks though there was a sharp drop in performance.

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It's fun but it certainly doesn't improve anything for me.
Especially noticeable when playing GTA or similar games. My driving skills are horrible under the influence.

I usually smoke weed while gaming late at night it doesn't really affect my gaming

Back when Just Dance was a thing, it was quite a lot of fun to drink and play certain adult games with it. It’s one of the few video games that could easily lead to sex.

I’ve smoked weed and played games before, but I honestly am not a fan as I find it makes the games feel a little boring.

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I only drink occasionally, and it has mixed results when I game drunk. But sometimes I do better when I am under the influence.

I remember 20 years ago I was playing X-Com 2 Terror From the Deep. I had a single save and foolishly saved the game during a mission at the most terrible moment. For a week, every night I tried to make it through that mission and could never successfully do it. I was most of the way through the game and didn't want to start over. I gave up. A week later when I was drunk I decided to try again.

I breezed through the mission without a problem.

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Some of my tekken 7 friends some play drunk others take there happy pills and another friend smoked cannubis or speed they seem to play better or they almost always play like that without me knowing idk? but they take those stuff all the time

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Game responsibly

Hm, maybe i should try being under the influence of something while gaming someday. No wait, no interest in doing that shit when i am not gaming, why would i do it when i am

Has anyone ever had sex while gaming...?